Site Maintenance: AWS Migration (Core Site, Database, Addon Service, Repo System)

EDIT January 19th@1:33pm PST
Confirming that Repos will remain online in read-only mode.

Greetings Authors!


As mentioned in our previous post, we’re in the midst of a wide scale migration to AWS. Although DLS took a little longer than expected, there were no major interruptions and the migration completed without incident.


The next step is to migrate the Core Site, the Database, the Addon Service, and our Repo System. The current scheduled plan is to start this process at 8:15am PST on January 22nd. We have a downtime window estimated between 8 and 10 hours pending any unforeseen complications.


During this time, will be available in read-only mode while all CurseForge satellite sites (*,,,, etc), API’s, and associated endpoints will be inaccessible.


WARNING: Technical Boring Jargon (TBJ) incoming!


What is the Core Site?


This includes all of the core site code, associated resources, front end hardware, and network stack from point of entry to backend for all CurseForge site related files.


This also includes activation of our new CDN, though not all services will utilize the new endpoints right out of the gate. Other services which depend on data from the CurseForge sites - such as the Twitch Desktop App - will be updated in the near future. This process should be seamless as endpoints are updated.


What is the Database?


All CurseForge-related data, project data, user data, and any extraneous data required by our platform. Though referred to here as “the Database” it is in fact several that will be moved together into AWS.


What is the Addon Service?


The Addon Service bundles all of the project and project file information into a database that powers the addon/mod management experience within the Twitch Desktop App. The Addon Service should remain available throughout the migration, and the switch should be seamless.


What is the Repo System?


The Repo System is our collection of hosted Git, Mercurial, and Subversion repositories for projects on CurseForge sites. Originally, we had planned to keep these repositories accessible in read-only mode until all migrations were complete, but due to timing we may have to take them offline for the duration. Additionally, following migration, we will have more information on future plans for repository support and the authentication issues some users are reporting.


What is AWS?


AWS, or Amazon Web Services, is a collection of services often referred to as “the cloud” that attempts to eliminate issues of scalability, cost, and reliability by pooling many resources together and interconnecting types of resources to provide redundancy and speed across multiple regions.


Why move?


Our servers are not new and they are not unlimited in power or space. The last year has been a little touch and go with different services showing their age, jobs failing, and a variety of other minor technical issues due to various restrictions we have had on our aging hardware.


I hope that offers a good explanation of the scope and process we’re taking. As always, please reach out to us on Twitter (@CurseForge) if you have any questions or concerns.



The CurseForge Team and your friendly neighborhood MrFlamegoat



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