Time to break the silence! New Community Efforts & Review Schedules

Hey guys, gals, orcs, goblins, zerg and more!


I know it's been a while, and I also know that we haven't kept up our end of the bargain on communication. It is an issue that has weighed heavy on our minds as a team.


So before we get into new news, we want to make a sincere apology to everyone from all communities. There has been a lot of outside influence, changes, work (oh so much work) that has taken a lot of our focus over the last few months and it has led to far less communication than ever intended. For that, we are deeply sorry.


However, out of that insane amount of work has come a pretty grand restructuring of our team. Where before we were an amalgamation of developers, community leaders, and designers, we now have a very clear separation of development and community. Internally, we have a much more defined leadership, with much better roles and communication on decision making, community efforts, schedules, and more!


Our new official community team is hard at work with the massive undertaking that is clean up, repair, response, and resolution to dozens of long standing issues. Over the next several weeks, we will be working tirelessly to organize behind the scenes so that we can start making legitimate and hard hitting changes. This will include monumental efforts to find better solutions for communication to each community, and making sure that we're available in some fashion as needed.


Now, this isn't all good news. Unfortunately, we still do not have the staff we need for proper 24/7 coverage for file/project reviews. We have attempted it for some time, but the reality is, we have much more work to do than just reviewing files. The community team is responsible for making sure that the concerns of each community are heard and converted into manageable action items for the development team. We are here to assist, help, grow, and facilitate an environment that is not only easy to use, but encourages growth for our Authors.

Because of this we have decided to move to 16 hour coverage, 8am PST/PDT to 12am PST/PDT (currently PDT) review times. This means if you submit something after midnight (Pacific Time) it will not be reviewed and approved until 8am (Pacific Time) the following morning.

We do understand that this is not ideal. Having to wait that long for updates and changes to file can be a major pain, but we feel that this is a clear case of quality over quantity. By moving to this new schedule, we have more overlap with other team members and we have a lot more time together to work on larger community issues.


To be clear, we are still targeting 24/7 coverage. It is a goal we will work towards as this new team grows and fills out, but we can no longer sacrifice good communication, better bug reporting/resolutions, and general community morale to do so.


All of that being said, we certainly want your input on this. All of you are why we do what we do and we wouldn't be here without you. The feelings, ideas, suggestions and feedback we get from you are invaluable. Although we might not always have the bandwidth to respond to every suggestion we get, we most certainly make note of them.


Let us know what you think in the comments below, and as always you can reach out to us on Twitter @CurseForge or myself @MrFlamegoat if you need anything at all!


For those of you that do use the Twitch App, we also have a server (its like an IRC server) that many people from the various communities have already joined. It's a great place to chat with us, as well as fellow community members. You can join by going here: https://invite.twitch.tv/tW6UAW



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