CurseForge Comms for June 9th, 2017

Greetings and salutations, Authors!


This update comes quite a bit late, but we’re here! The team has been hard at work on some of the previously alluded to large scale overhauls to our codebase. Between that, business trips, travel, and boring business related activities, it’s been a bit hectic around here.


We are still working out how we want to portray these posts, the content within them, the order, etc. We have received some really good feedback so far, and we hope that we can continue that open line of communication and are currently working on new ways to streamline the process.


Our first move in that direction is to consolidate all news updates and posts to Other sites will receive a stub and link back here, so that we can keep all comments and questions in a centralized location.


The process for this is new, so please let us know if you find any issues.


Onwards to the changelog.

Major Development Milestone

Massive codebase overhaul (first step mentioned in previous blogs) (All)

  • Still under development as we clean up old unused code and fix any bugs introduced in some of the larger sweeping changes.
  • Will greatly improve dev time to output ratio over time.
  • First step in giving us the tools we need to provide the experience CurseForge Authors deserve.

Minor Feature Additions

Added column sorting to Author Dashboard/Project Listing page (All)

Added better Project Issue sorting (All)

Added ability to transfer certain projects between sites - internal (WoW/WoWAce)

Bug Fixes

Fixed weird bug where unbanned users still showed as banned visually (All)

Fixed various null references in Projects (All)

Fixed bug where Reward Points weren’t showing on store for Authors (All)

Fixed various style issues on mobile (All)

Fixed styles for search page (All)

Fixed missing moderation checkbox on members page (All)

Fixed “New and Updated Thread” styles (All)

Found missing donate buttons and returned them to their rightful spots (All)

Many Localization fixes for WoW (ongoing) (WoW)

  • We recognize that some users are still experiencing issues with this and are working towards getting it 100%

Legacy file URLs correctly redirect to CurseCDN now (All)

Fixed Sort By filter (Minecraft)


Moved Legacy forums to (All)


Woo! Decent list of items, but keep in mind that much of our dev time for the last month has been consumed with big picture “under the hood” changes. That’s something that we’ll likely have some more info on soon.


Before we go, in case anyone doesn’t know, myself and the team are available via other methods of communication as well. If you haven’t already, you should certainly follow @CurseForge on Twitter or come hang out with us on Twitch App in our server


One of us is always available over on the CurseForge server, and it’s become a more reliable way to communicate issues, ask questions, or just to get general help as an Author.


That’s it! As always, feel free to comment below and let us know what you think about the changes, and anything else you might want to communicate.


Your friendly neighborhood Community Manager,



P.S. Anyone going to PAXWest or TwitchCon? We’ll see you there!



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