CurseForge Update - 11/10

It has been awhile since we've had a CurseForge update, but the team here has been quite busy especially since we are moving into a new office. We should be returning to our normal two week updates now. Let's get the ball rolling with our latest update.

CurseForge Homepage

We have updated the homepage of CurseForge today! The sleek new design ushers in a new face for CurseForge and its communities portals. Our goal was to highlight our communities along with their amazing projects, get authors signed up quickly, and still provide these wonderful updates. We feel we've hit all those points and hope you do as well. Plus, it is fully responsive for all authors on the go. For those who still want to know if the old site is still operation, it is still there. You can find it at


  • Dashboard - We have released an initial version of our Dashboard feature. For our initial launch, it is just a collection of all your current issues on a site, but we have plans to extend it to projects, analytics, and other neat things. If you do not see Dashboard in the top nav, please reach out to your nearest CurseForge moderator to enable the module. 
  • Issues - We have overhauled the look for project issues. Our new interface provides a better look and feel, plus it is mobile friendly. 
  • Site - Mobile responsive is here. The other web portals should be updated soon as in they will all be responsive by 11/11.

Bug Fixes

  • Projects - Table of Contents will now hide if there is only one header tag.




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