CurseForge Update - 10/15

The time has come again for a CurseForge update! This time around we have a handful of new stuff coming to the sites. So, let's dive right into it.


  • Issues - Added the ability to attach gif, png, and zip files.
  • Issues - Issue IDs are now scoped to the project.
  • Pastebin - We launched our new pastebin module. You can find it at * If you do not have it on your site, please let a moderator know in order for them to enable it.
  • Site - You can now do syntax highlighting with code blocks!


  • API - Markdown is now supported on ChangeLogs. Use ChangelogType='markdown'
  • Localization - Listings will now pull 10 translations instead of 5.
  • Projects - Project Owners can now view their own deleted projects.
  • Projects - Authors can now set default relations to all files uploaded to a project. 
  • Uploads -Added better error messages when an upload fails.  

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Github repos with underscores were getting rejected.
  • Fixed pagination issue on comments where pages would just cause the page to reload.




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