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    posted a message on DUGI spinning yellow loading wheel of death

    this icon appeared recently after a shadowlands wow upgrade and sits on my screen just load spinning away.. about dime sized.. if i cursor on it and type /fstack in chat box, it advises thru MOVEANYTHING addon panel its is a Dugi update Progressive TImer Tracker.. this problem has been reported on the DUGI forums to no avail and no answer as to how to get rid of it except ..redo profile.. I neither understand how or what profile is being discussed and also from people that do and have used this ..it is stated it comes back on reload...i also shut DUGI addon down and it disappeared totally but on reload it came right back..which would make me believe its an internal coding from DUGI and needs to be taken care of there.. otherwise its just a PITA to keep seeing it and it seems to generate its very own spot randomly on my screen..frustrating and distracting.. please see what can be done to take care of this bothersome situation..thank you. 

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