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    up pliz

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    I have a very boring problem on bartender. 2 weeks i try to solve it. I have tried near of everything.


    (_ bartender is up to date)
    _ I use bartender on 12 characters (1 per classe). 2 of them are healers (i play them only in donjon)

    _ I'm using the same kind of macros on every character.

    _ Everytime i play my healers I got that problem in the middle or the near-end of any donjon : 
    A box saying my addons are generating many errors. I still have my bars, can play, cast, etc .... But most of CDs doesnt appear anymore, not even the GCD and i can't leave the group at the end.


    _ I have tried 1 donjon without any addon running = no visible problem 

    _ i have tried a 2nd donjon with only bartender running = problem


    At this moment, my macros looks like that :
    /use [mod:alt,@player]Récupération
    /use [@mouseover,exists]Récupération
    /use Récupération


    2 weeks ago, it was that :

    /cast [mod:alt,@player][@mouseover,help,exists][] Récupération

    Today i have spent 6 hours on row only to try to fix it

    ... I'm done. What to do ?
    Why ONLY on healers? Why ONLY in donjon?

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