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    posted a message on Squire - lightweight mount helper
    All mounts scale to the same speed now
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    posted a message on LibDropdown-1.0 - A now working Ace3 dropdown library
    Quote from Nevcairiel
    That does not fit into an Ace3 config table.

    that doesn't mean the lib can't support it :P maybe in a sort of manual creation method that would be similar to the blizzard one instead of pulling from a config table
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    posted a message on LibDropdown-1.0 - A now working Ace3 dropdown library
    does this support checkable groups? the blizzard drop-down allows us to have a button that is a check-button but also has a sub-menu attached to it.
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    posted a message on Unshared Libraries
    Quote from Phanx
    I don't really see the value in a template for the "help me get started" folks. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of extremely simple yet fully functional addons that can be used as examples and guides, that are much better for that purpose than an abstract "template" that doesn't actually do anything. You learn more from looking at something that actually works, and figuring out how it works, than you do from looking at some parts that don't do anything and trying to figure out how to put them together to make something that works.

    templates break over time and who wants to maintain non functioning code :P

    also people should ask questions and join the community when they run into problems. i rather have them ask early and often rather than late with a big mess of code that nobody can read.
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    posted a message on AceConfig resets slider value?
    if it would default to a value then you would have a very hard time getting max precision between numbers as such leaving it off and allowing you to set your own step is the best solution atm.
    as for it not working correctly i don't know i have never had a problem with it (with step and without)
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    posted a message on AceConfig resets slider value?
    Quote from Industrial
    After some struggling I found that I need to define step=1 in the options in order for it to work normally.

    Isn't this supposed to be defaulting to 1 already?

    AceGUIWidget-Slider.lua line 181-183:

            frame:SetMinMaxValues(min or 0,max or 100)
            frame:SetValueStep(step or 1)
    This might be a bug with the widget then..

    why should it default to 1? maybe i have a slider going from 0 to 1 and want everything in between seams to be more a code problem on your end rather than the sliders
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    posted a message on LibQTip
    Quote from LaoTseu
    Notice in particular the little funky effect where neither tooltip is above the other.

    That just means both frames (tooltips) are on the exact same frame strata so all you have to do it bump the game tooltip up temporarily or the Qtip one down (i recommend adjusting the Qtip instead of the GameTooltip)
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    posted a message on All Rights Reserved
    Quote from midnightwolf76
    Now that I've read most of this.

    My question, given the information provided thus far, is say I download a broken addon (beta, patch, etc), and I look at your code and comment out something to make the addon work, but not redistribute the addon. Is this still wrong to do?

    And if it is wrong to do, who do I ask?

    you can fix your local copy no problem, you can even submit your fix to the author of the mod via a ticket or PM.

    What you can not do is share your modified (or any other) copy with anyone else without the permission from the addon author.
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    posted a message on Newbie tip for OnUpdate performance
    if you are doing any sort of Animation you should be using the Blizzard animation framework instead of an OnUpdate it will simplify things and be potentially even more CPU friendly since you are moving some calculations into C
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    posted a message on Guide: Using UIDropDownMenu in your addon
    adding to Xinhuans option A:

    If you know you know which frame/button the menu is spawned from then you can close and reopen it (right after another in your code) and it will seam like it refreshed (though this only works for the first menu level)
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    posted a message on LibScriptableDisplay-1.0
    Quote from dpsgnome
    I love this! Now just to wait for some sucker to install it and send them a script containing "while 1 end".

    wouldn't it have to be
    while 1 do end
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    posted a message on Mounted (official thread)
    With 4.0 out i didn't have enough time to overhaul Mounted as much as i liked (because i wanted to make sure YssBossLoot was done first so that its ready on day one :) ).

    Here is what i am thinking for Mounted 3. Simplify it out of the box but make it more configurable if you want too.

    • Out of the box it will behave similarly to Mounted 2
      • Will create the Macro
      • Will adjust the macro to the current situation
      • It will not however automatically change during combat (never liked this myself and got some bad feedback on this)
    • Instead of letting the user have different macros per zone, if moving and when in combat the user can add scripts that determine to overwrite the default mechanism
      • 2 sets of overwrites
        • One "InLine" overwrite this will add another state Mounted can have a macro for (like InCombat)
          • I am not sure i like the term InLine any suggestions ?
        • the Second "Global" overwrite would alowe you to have a different "Inline" macros in a Zone or while moving"
      • to add a script user would have to pick either InLine or Global then an Event(s) they want their code to run on (OnUpdate will be an option but with a popup warning) and then the code they want to run (this will have to return true if it is active and false if it is no longer active
      • Mounted Will provide sample scripts for Zone,IsMoving, and InCombat Macros
      • scripts can be turned on and off (you do not have to delete them to deactivate them)
    • You will still be able to set priorities for Mounts
    • Grouping of mounts will also stay in
      • Plan is to offer grouping in 2 flavors
        • Manual grouping just like now you can create your own groups of mounts (would add a button to parse groups one time with the automatic logic this would reset all custom groups though)
        • Automatic grouping this will group up mounts by type Horses, Wolfs, Kodos, drakes, Nether Drakes etc this will ensure that you will always get a differnt looking mount than before if possible (this would disable the manual grouping feature) (planning to have a popup on initial install that asks if you want to turn this on or off)
    • another interesting new feature keybinding
      • whats so interesting about this? we can do the following things:
        • remove the macro from the blizzard macros to free up a slot for you
        • if we disable the blizzard macro we should be able to use macros that are longer than 255 characters
    • I also want to completly revise the options window
    • I will make full use of LibMounts-1.0 to provide basic switching and mount classifications

    Now is your time to give your opinions and ask for features or tell me what you don't like about Mounted right now :eek:

    My plan is to have this ready by the time Cata goes live (dec. 7th)
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    posted a message on Ace2 error in 4.0.1
    Ace2 is depreciated and no longer being updated as such it is a EBB issue
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    posted a message on LibMounts-1.0
    With the advent of 4.0 it is impossible to distinguish between flying mounts and ground mounts in game (was doable via tooltips before)

    As such me (author of Mounted) and Adirelle (author of Squire) have decided it is time to put info in one place that is easily accessible by all who need it. out of this LibMounts-1.0 is born.

    Its project page is here: http://www.wowace.com/addons/libmounts-1-0/
    The API documentation is here: http://www.wowace.com/addons/libmounts-1-0/pages/api/lib-mounts-1-0/lib-mounts-1-0/
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    posted a message on GetSpellTexture type function for buffs
    it is usually preferred to use the spell ids since they are the same on every locale (hence you do not need to localize them for other languages)
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