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    Hello All....


    I have idea for mod called "Clock and Bells" i have also models for it but i looking for coder/programmer, whou could make a mod  with me... 


    Clocks are simple...
    - they just track and show time in MC world
    - have sizes 1x1, 2x2x 3x3
    - size 2x2 can be offseted to middle of 3x3 (on bottom line... so 3x2)


    Bells have some features:
    - bells should have own GUI where you can set their behaviour... like settings where you can set if will be automated or redstone activated... in automate mode you will more settings
    like in every whole hour they will toll acording what is toime (at example in 3 pm theyre toll 3times in 12am 12x etc) or you put them they toll only once in whole hour or you can turn off tolling at all
    - also you can set if its will be clock bell or alarm bell (so clock bell will do nothing with villager, at contare alarm will work like regular bell in vanilla MC)
    - also should be adjustable pitch of sound of bells for these who want make melody of them... and timing... like Offset timing... that toll set in middle default regular tolls and can be adjusted time between tolls
    - are 3 size of bells... this bell have base 1 block and is 1,5 block heghit... but huge bell should have 2 block base and be 3 blocks hight


    thanks for any respond

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