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    Updated with new name and stuff!

    Tek, your method would basically involve moving every single item in the inventory, which I was trying to limit so far, since with my connection, it just takes ages anyway to move stuff around, so the less movement the better.

    Anyway, I'll eventually go about doing all that when I incorporate a certain level of sorting in the next iteration. Again, I'm trying to limit the number of actual moves to a minimum, since it's actually physcially moving stuff =)
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    Quote from "tekkub" »

    See how stupid that is? Could you work the logic here so the partial ammo stack is pushed to the front? That would kick ass!

    I've shifted the logic so it pushes the partial stack to the front, but as the addon ignores any full stack, it will keep any full stack in front of the partial stack in it's place.

    That solves the stacking to one degree, but you'd still have to restack once you start taking from the full stacks in front again...
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    Keybindings seem simple enough (just dropping another file into the structure), so that'll come in the next iteration. Tekk pointed out some logic inefficiencies, and I noted some times where the actual stacking is incomplete, so I'm endeavouring to fix that issue.

    And tbh, I really like Mr Plow =) Name changes ahoy =P Soonish =P
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    I've done this to a certain degree in BagVac, in that it restacks fragmented stacks.

    It doesn't break up stacks into separate piles though. It could be added in I guess...
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    Mr Plow

           Call Mr. Plow,
           That's my name,
           That name again
           Is Mr. Plow.

    Got an inventory that's scattered hither and yon? Willy nilly even? Well Mr Plow is the addon for you.

    At the moment, it's both a restacker, and a defragger. It can find all the unfilled stacks of matching items in your inventory and attempt to restack them to save as much space as possible. It can also swap around items (physically, mind you) to leave all space at the 'bottom'. Works well with OneBag, but will have no effect on any system that doesn't actually use the physical slots of the bags (ie EngInv etc), but then, you'd have less of an issue with defragging with those addons.


    /mrplow stack - restack your inventory
    /mrplow plow - defrag your inventory
    /mrplow sort - sort your inventory
    /mrplow theworks - Stack, defrag and sort
    /mrplow direction - Reverse the current sort direction
    /mrplow report - report the current direction
    /mrplow gag - toggle output
    /mrplow bankstack - moves items from your bags to your bank
    /mrplow bankstackstyle - Changes the way MrPlow moves items from your bag to bank
    /mrplow ignore add|del|clear - Add, deletes or clears your ignore list, shiftclick items into the list from your inventory, or from the 'report' (can handle more than one)
    /mrplow ignore bag|bankbag add|del|clear - Add delete or clear your bag ignore list for your bags or bankbags

    To sort your bank window append 'bank' to the command you want. eg
    /mp theworks bank

    In regards to bankstacking, there are three modes.
    • Moves items only to fill stacks currently in your bank
    • Moves items to fill stacks in your bank and also moves similar items to bags which contain that item
    • Moves items to stacks, to bags, and also any free space available

    It should work fine with all the 'profession' bags

    The 'ignore' function basically directs MrPlow to ignore any item added to that list, so he will work around any specified item. This is so you can have your mount/special items in particular places in your inventory and not have to worry about MrPlow shifting them about.

    The 'ignore (bank)bag' function allows you to specify bags to completely skip over.
    It doesn't automatically run at the moment, because I've had issues with other restackers that decide to suddenly take over my cursor at inopportune times to attempt a restack (I'm looking at you Restacker...) so it's just the standard commandline run, although there's also keybindings available.

    If you want to change the order of categories for the search, edit the numbers in the list called 'ItemCats' at the top of the MrPlow.lua file. If you have suggestions as what you would like sorted within those categories, feel free to leave a note here

    Download v4.5

    Download v1.1
    Download v.1

    Dependancies: None


    09/05/06 v 4.5:
    Added in bag ignoring

    03/05/06 v 4:
    Added in more granularity for the armour/weapon sorting, it should now sort by 'inventory slot type', water, poisons and potions should all clump together
    Added in the ignore category - Mr Plow will categorically ignore any items placed within, not move them and sort/stack/etc around them.

    17/04/06 v 3:
    Embedded PeriodicTable
    Added in Bankstacking

    17/04/06 v 2.5.1:
    Toggled a debug statement to fix a 'attempt to call global `print' (a nil value)' error that some people were having. Still not sure why it would bug like that.

    14/04/06 v 2.5:
    With the trend towards embedded libraries, I've gone and replaced Timex with Metrognome, so the dependency is removed. TBH, it's a very rare occasion where the timing is an actual issue, but I'd prefer to have the mechanism in place to prevent anything from happening. Really, at best speed, MrPlow swaps things at .1 second per swap, which hardly will happen on most machines =P

    07/04/06 v 2.4:
    Bank sorting

    05/04/06 v 2.3:
    Fixed a bug where large amounts of empty space would not 'plow' correctly. Added in German localisation with able assistance from Rumbah and French localisation with assistance from Shouryuu. Thank you both :)

    25/03/06 v 2.1.1:
    Updated the sorting function to deal with the "invalid order function for sorting" some people were encountering

    13/03/06 v 2.1:
    Added in the ability to change the direction of the stacking, the ability to silence the output, and threw in an all in one option that will stack, plow and sort, and added in a couple more spammy messages for the hell of it.  :p

    08/02/06 v 2.0 :
    Now has sorting!
    Please notice the new dependancies, I needed Timex to ensure that any inventory movement actually suceeded, due to some limitations on behalf of Blizzard's inventory handling code. Tekkub's Periodic Table is used so far, to group all the tradegoods items in their appropriate areas, and also group together potions since the general categorisation for tradegoods is abysmal (ie, -everything- consumable has the subtype consumable).
    Thanks to Timex, the item moving is far more reliable

    Changed the name thanks to a suggestion from Tekkub... and now I can't get that jingle out of my head...
    Modified the logic for the restacking
    Made it more interesting to watch...(I am so showing my MUD coding roots here =P)
    Added keybindings
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    posted a message on Guild Hall
    I was thinking... Couldn't you use the 'officer' guild channel to bounce data to synch? It's a smaller group of people, (easier to get the officers to all get the addon) and they could chain update, ie as soon as an officer logs on, they get an update to the data from a currently online one, etc?
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    posted a message on LoadIT (or Doorman GUI)
    Anyone have a copy of Doorman handy?
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    posted a message on LoadIT (or Doorman GUI)
    Does Doorman deal with non-Ace addons though?
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