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    posted a message on Recount
    Good guess! Yes, if I do the pause before logging out, it is safe to log back in. And it is also safe to immediately re-enable logging as soon as I can (manually) do it.

    So it might be as simple as enforcing a X second pause after addons have finished loading before data collecting can begin?

    One of Blizzard's APIs must be in an unstable state as the game is first starting up, but then stabilize shortly afterwards?

    btw, I'm not sure if zoning (as opposed to initial game log in) can trigger this bug or not, I'd need to find a place where you zoned into in area that was phased.
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    posted a message on Recount
    MoP beta: If you log in with Recount (r1201) enabled, and while standing in a phased area, the WoW client will crash assert while loading addons.

    The root bug here is probably Blizzard's, since a) no addon should be able to crash the client, and b) there are other addons affected by this same issue.

    Still, if you can happen to find a workaround, it'd be much appreciated since Blizzard appears to be taking their time fixing this assert.

    Two places I've specifically verified this interaction, both on the Wandering Isle:
    1. North of the crash site, next to Ji Firepaw, when he wants to give you the Urgent News quest
    2. East of the crash site, next to Delora Lionheart, after turning in Urgent News.

    Many of my addons do not have this issue, so its probably one of the less commonly used APIs; one that is called by Recount during loading; and one that could conceivably be impacted by phase state.

    Sorry I couldn't isolate it down any further.
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