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    I ran a fight this evening on my Shadow priest, and as expected, my own DPS was higher on my recount than it was on others. However, a raid member who was using Skada was showing the same DPS for my Shadow Priest that I was. He was also able to mouse over my name, and tell me exactly how much DPS my Shadowy Apparitions were doing, and verify that they were being attributed to me.

    Since more people use Recount than Skada, it irritates me that I am showing lower DPS on most peoples meters than what I am actually pulling. If Skada has found a way to count my Shadowy Apparitions as damage done by me, then it must be possible.

    Any hope that you will look further into this? Since it appears to also effect various things like searing totems, it seems that the WoW population might decide that Skada is more accurate than Recount, and make a switch. I have always been fond of Recount, but if it isn't accurately doing exactly what it is intended for, then I am having trouble considering it the best option.
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