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    posted a message on [Mod Request (1.7.10)] Customize tool and block harvest/mining levels with Zen Scripts

    This is a mod request for a 1.7.10 MC mod that:


    Preferably uses Zen script (though json files could work) to allow modpack creators to set the individual mining level, tool speed,  and durability of any tool and all tools by mod. Also would have the ability to change the harvest level, break time, of any block or ore dictionary entry composed of blocks. 

    Though not required, it would also be amazing if you could specify certain tool and block pares that need to go together, ie. using Advent of Ascension pickaxes to brake AoA blocks of the corresponding mining level while non-AoA tools need to have a even higher mining level to harvest AoA blocks. 


    I'm going leave this request here and see how it goes, if anyone  likes the idea enough to make this a mod, let me know. 

    If anything needs clarification, let me know.



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