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    Quote from NeVeRLiFt
    Can someone help me out with this one little thing.

    The micro menu, pet bar, stance bar and bag bar are hidden till I mouse over them.
    I would like for these to always show, so my question... is there a way to make these to always show?

    You need to uncheck the box called "Fade Out", it's under the Visibility tab.
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    I've been using bartender for ages and ages, but this issue didn't crop up until recently.

    Bartender seems to be causing a periodic, instantaneous framerate issue for me.

    I've tested this with bartender as the only addon enabled vs no addon and the issue goes away with bartender off.

    What it is: Upon changing states, i.e. shifting forms on a druid or in and out of stealth on a rogue, my framerate will hang for about 0.25 seconds (a quarter of a second) twice, once as the shift begins to take place, then again after about a half second. Quarter second lag, quarter second regular framerate, quarter second lag, then normal until i shift again or enter/exit stealth again.

    I tried disabling all my bars that page when i change states to see if the bar change itself was the issue but that didn't solve it.

    As stated above i tried disabling all my addons completely to see if it was a computer issue like a memory problem where it couldn't store the models for the forms or something.

    Mostly i'm curious if anyone else has been having this issue.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    EDIT: Just discovered there is also about a 5 second delay when changing specs...
    EDIT2: There also appears to be a moment of lag when entering and exiting combat...and upon using any ability while in combat.

    SOLVED: Apparently i had to disable CPU profiling, which was being enabled by a mod that isn't enabled itself (Performance_Fu, which i use on other toons, but no longer on the ones were i was having this issue as they have a newer UI layout).
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