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    Quote from fredericcharlais
    Hello, I'm looking for an add-on for customise all advertisements that boss mod do.

    For example I can ask to launch a 30s timer after a boss emote, or put an icon on a spell target, or other things helpful for raid leader.

    Sorry for my English, I'm French

    I hope you can understand me.


    You want a timer for relay some functions in tot seconds, right?
    If is this, look for AceTimer-3.0
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    Quote from Seerah
    Do you want the addon to communicate with other copies of the addon, or for a group of people to be able to chat amongst themselves? If people, then what's wrong with creating a channel for them all to join and talk in?

    I want to create two copies of the addon and communicate themeseleves.
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    Hi all,
    I want to create an addon for communicate to another client (a chat), but without be in a raid groud, party, same guild, ecc. Whisper is okay, but if I want to create a group of random people and communicate I can't send message to all (I don't know how "register" in a common table the user in-game for send messages).
    I thought to use Channels, but SendAddonMessage() don't implement this way (or SendCommMessage() ).
    Some idea?

    Thanks for help
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