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    posted a message on Suicide Kings Geo [official thread]
    Thanks for the clarifications, sounds like I should go through the tickets and do some voting/adding.

    Quote from MegaManJuno

    3) Not sure what you're referring to here... I don't recall seeing a "Force Retract", but maybe I overlooked it. On the bidding panel itself, the Bid and Retract are just for you, yourself to Bid and Retract your own bids from what I've gathered. Also, make sure you have been added to the "permission" list to be able to make modifications to the lists. Without permissions, you can only bid and retract through the addon when a bid is opened by someone with permissions.

    What I'm referring to is the button shown on this page:

    I would expect it to be used in cases where the master looter for some reason needed to override somebody and tell them they can't bid. I don't foresee this being something our raid would need to do, so it isn't much of an issue, I was just hoping for a clarification on how it worked or verification that it isn't working.

    Quote from MegaManJuno
    5) Switching list BEFORE opening for bids isn't an issue. Switching a list WHILE open for bids causes issues. Closing the bid would still apply to the list that was selected when the bid was opened, not whatever list you currently have selected. So, if you run say a main spec and an off spec list and want to change lists (no bids for main spec, for instance), you first need to close the bid, then switch lists and open the bid again once the new list has been selected.

    Okay, so this part works pretty intuitively and the warnings were either against trying to switch mid-bid or something else. Thanks.
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    posted a message on Suicide Kings Geo [official thread]
    A few things I haven't figured out, we're looking at using this since it pretty well matches the loot system we want to use. We've messed around with it in 5-mans but don't want to take it into a 10- or higher in case we screw something up.

    1) Is there a way to handle distributing loot as master looter from the bid panel? Either automatically once the bid has been closed (or ideally after the ML verifies or accepts the result)?

    2) Is there any way to configure how spammy it is? It doesn't seem to have a standard config panel under the Interface > Addons tab. For example, I don't want it to announce every incoming bid. I didn't find an option for this at all when clicking on the big button or the data broker plugin.

    3) The "Force Retraction" button doesn't seem to work. We were playing in a heroic (in a 5-man raid group) and the raid leader/master looter said the button was lit but it didn't do anything. When I test it solo, I can't seem to even make it light up (in a raid with just offline characters from the earlier raid, so I'm just assuming I can't force retract my own bid).

    4) Is there a way to open/close bids on a timer? Is there a way to stop accepting new bids without declaring the winner? I'm wary of taking the final say out of the hands of people and giving it to the mod, and as such I'm worried about somebody sneaking in a last-minute bid and then saying "actually, no wait, it's better for you, never mind." Then we have to manually un-suicide somebody. If there's a positive answer to 1), there could be even more of a headache.

    5) From what I've seen, it seems like I can freely switch between lists before opening for bids. For example, switching between a main-spec and off-spec list. I read somewhere (in one of this thread, wowi comments, or docs) that this isn't possible/shouldn't be done, but I'm guessing that was for a previous version?

    Thanks for any help/advice, I've read through the docs but it didn't seem to address any of the features here, and I don't know if that's because none of the features exist or just that the documentation doesn't cover it.
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    posted a message on PitBull 4.0
    Quote from eilenda
    Is there a way to attach a panel to PitBull4_Frames_player to add a border ?

    I am using KGpanels for some addons and it seems I cant attach a panel to Pitbull4 frames.

    I haven't had any issue parenting kgpanels to PitBull4_Frames_player. I've parented and anchored panels to player, pet, pettarget, target, targettarget, and targettargettarget without any odd behavior.

    Maybe check some of the kgpanels oriented threads with regards to troubleshooting that... for instance, sometimes a single pixel wide panel doesn't show up for me, even if I've made sure all my coordinates are whole numbers, and I have to nudge the frame a bit. Also make sure your case is correct when typing in frame names, although you have the correct case here in the forum so I assume that's something you pay attention to.
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