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    posted a message on tooltips & item details pop-up

    Finally found the solution:

    local origChatFrame_OnHyperlinkShow = ChatFrame_OnHyperlinkShow;
    ChatFrame_OnHyperlinkShow = function(...)
        local chatFrame, link, text, button = ...;
        local result = origChatFrame_OnHyperlinkShow(...);
        print (result);
            if (not ItemRefTooltip:IsVisible()) then
                ItemRefTooltip:SetOwner(UIParent, "ANCHOR_PRESERVE");
           -- do stuff to add lines
            ItemRefTooltip:Show(); ItemRefTooltip:Show();
        return result;


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    posted a message on tooltips & item details pop-up



    I'm making an addon which adds lines to the GameTooltip. That works correctly, but it doesn't seem to apply to the item-details pop-up window that appears when you click an item in the chat window. I didn't find any reference to that pop-up (what it's called etc.) so I'm not sure how to hook into it.

    Also, is there a general approach to hooking into tooltips from other addons, like Atlas loot?



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