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    posted a message on working on a 1.7.10 Galacticraft addon but i need help

    This is how far i have gotten coding my own Planets for GC4

    i'm still new to java coding i watched some guy on youtube of how to java code

    Êþº¾ 4‚ MTwisterSHL/TwistersSystem/planets/TwisterSHLBHP/dimension/WorldProviderTwisterSHLBHP  Atwistershl/SolarSystem/core/world/gen/WorldProviderTwisterSpace  2micdoodle8/mods/galacticraft/api/world/IExitHeight  2micdoodle8/mods/galacticraft/api/world/ISolarLevel  4micdoodle8/mods/galacticraft/api/world/ITeleportType  /TwisterSHL/SolarSystem/core/api/ITwistersSpace  indexBody I ï¹± [Ljava/lang/Object; <init> ()V  
      6TwisterSHLBHP/SolarSystem/core/coremod/bodies/BodiesInfo  bodies Ljava/util/List;     getCelestialBody ;()Lmicdoodle8/mods/galacticraft/api/galaxies/CelestialBody;  
      java/util/List  indexOf (Ljava/lang/Object;)I ! " #   %
    getGravity ()F gravityPlanet )   * get (I)Ljava/lang/Object; , - . java/lang/Float 0 높 U(Ljava/lang/Object;Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/invoke/MethodType;)Ljava/lang/Object; 2 3
     4 5 í™­ (Ljava/lang/Float;)F 7 8 9 getThermalLevelModifier
    tempPlanet <   = java/lang/Integer ? 玆 A 3
     B C ï¾’ (Ljava/lang/Integer;)I E F  G getWindLevel
    windPlanet J   K getDayLength ()J dayPlanet O   P java/lang/Long R 륵 T 3
     U V 얰 (Ljava/lang/Long;)J X Y  Z hasBreathableAtmosphere ()Z breathablePlanet ^   _ java/lang/Boolean a 턼 c 3
     d e æ¾— (Ljava/lang/Boolean;)Z g h  i AtmosphericPressure ()I pressurePlanet m   n SolarRadiation solarPlanet q   r canSpaceshipTierPass (I)Z


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