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    If you play a DeathKnight regularly as I do, you know that Blizzard's rune display is insufficient for active play. ThreeRuneBars was created to solve this problem. It isn't just a new skin for your runes, it completely redesigns how you view which runes are available. Instead of six separate runes, TRB creates 3 bars that function much like the energy bar of a rogue, one for each type of rune. Regardless whether you use FrostRune1 or FrostRune2, you will see that your frost rune bar is half full. I find that this yields greater response time when deciding what ability to use next.

    Check out the addon at: ThreeRuneBars

    Please let me know if you enjoy this addon. I am actively playing Warcraft, coding for this addon and looking for suggestions for additional features!

    Thank you,

    Jecah - Boulderfist
    Feng kill - shows me using the addon
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