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    I really love addon Quest Cinematic, however it hasn't been update since April and it seems that the author also hasn't logged in since April.


    After WoW  was updated to  8.2, I get Lua error while choosing quest reward and it is not possible to. complete the quest.


    Here it is:


    5x FrameXML\QuestInfo.lua:43: Action[SetPoint] failed because[SetPoint would result in anchor family connection]: attempted from: QuestInfoItemHighlight:SetPoint.
    [C]: in function `SetPoint'
    FrameXML\QuestInfo.lua:43: in function `QuestInfoItem_OnClick'
    [string "*:OnClick"]:8: in function <[string "*:OnClick"]:1>

    (*temporary) = QuestInfoItemHighlight {
    0 =
    (*temporary) = "TOPLEFT"
    (*temporary) = QCChoicePanelItem2 {
    0 =
    type = "choice"
    Name = QCChoicePanelItem2Name {
    NameFrame = QCChoicePanelItem2NameFrame {
    UpdateTooltip = defined *:OnEnter:1
    objectType = "item"
    Icon = QCChoicePanelItem2IconTexture {
    Count = QCChoicePanelItem2Count {
    (*temporary) = "TOPLEFT"
    (*temporary) = -8
    (*temporary) = 7


    Since I have no knowledge how to fox any addon I would be grateful if anybody could help.


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