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    Quote from Kerecha »

    My guess would be GuildFu and FriendsFu based on how the icons look (the round green and yellow buttons, dun remember wich is what color thou cos i hide the icons on mine)

    Actually, they would be picoFriends and picoGuild by Tekkub. They're LibDataBroker addons...FuBar can't go vertical :)
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    Quote from JDinAZ »

    Can anyone explain why when I used the wau for first time it added a whole lot of libraries I didn't select? My addon folder is a mess now and when I start wow and look at my addons there is probably like 50+ new things trying to load now. I really dont want all this crap running and slowing down my computer if its not needed. Is there a way to fix this or do i need to delete the whole folder and start over? Thanks for any help.

    You've updated using "without externals", which means "don't put the required libraries in this addon's folder". You also used "automatic dependencies", which automatically downloads the libraries each addon depends on. Since you're using "without externals", this places those libraries OUTSIDE of the addon's folder.

    This does _not_ slow down your computer because it would all be running/loaded anyway (but be contained inside the addon's folder instead of the main addon folder). The only downside is you have a bunch of non-addon folders in your addon folder. The upside is that WoW will only load those libraries exactly once instead of once per each addon which uses them, significantly speeding up the process of entering the game.

    It's down to a matter of preference, really. I prefer not waiting four minutes for WoW to load, myself :)
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    Quote from Buio »

    The first two Omen where the good ones, well Omen 3 was ok but Omen 4 and the remake was trash.

    And by the way, who can show more threat than Damien?

    I definitely need to go to bed now. Immediately after reading this, I thought "Uh, Omen3 isn't even being worked on yet..." Around five seconds later, I slapped my forehead. D'oh!
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    Quote from neurotic »

    Sunday I made an update with the wowACE-Updater, since this Update, my RatingBuster does not work. A full reinstall and other stuff don't work too to get the addon working.

    Can anyone say how I can find out, which addon/update RatingBuster 'killed'?


    This is probably due to changes in StatsLogicLib for WotLK. I've seen RatingBuster break three different times this past week, then work again with subsequent updates. Just be patient, or get a release version of RatingBuster :)
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    I attempted the re-install route as well, same effect. I'm assuming that the problem lies with the fact that the advertisement at the bottom is no longer changing - perhaps due to WAU being unsupported - because the server which loaded new ads is no longer working, causing WAU to continually attempt to get a new ad.

    The workaround I have for this is to open Task Manager, go to the list of processes, sort by CPU, then right-click WAU and give it a low priority. CPU usage is then still extremely high, but gives control back to the system and allows the program to be usable once more.

    Hope that helps!
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