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    Quote from turbopasqual »

    Yesterday evening I wrote down all the Razuvious shouts that I've seen so far. Using the german Client those are:

    starttrigger1 = "Die Zeit des \195\156bens ist vorbei! Zeigt mir, was ihr gelernt habt!",
    starttrigger2 = "Streckt sie nieder... oder habt ihr ein Problem damit?",
    starttrigger3 = "Lasst keine Gnade walten!",
    starttrigger4 = "Befolgt meine Befehle!",
    starttrigger5 = "Stellt euch und k\195\164mpft!",
    starttrigger6 = "Ich fange gerade erst an!",
    starttrigger7 = "Zeigt mir, was ihr k\195\182nnt!",
    starttrigger8 = "Ihr ent\195\164uscht mich, meine Sch\195\188ler!",

    Another possibility would be, to start the trigger everytime Razuvious shouts something. I am not really sure about it, but I think he does not shout between his "shouts" (you know what I mean^^)
    unfortunately that would activate the disrupting shout timer when he performs triumphant shout as well.
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    The target list has been supplanted by PerfectTargets (albeit minus the non-tank names) and the aggro notifier has been replaced by Squishy, but I have never found another mod with the "SmartActions" feature, wherein SPELLCAST_START is hooked to automatically pick a target if none exist, or to assist a friendly if they are targetted. It's insanely handy for we button-mashing caster types.

    As SA exists now, the actions work relatively well (there's still a bug where some non-spells don't work, i.e. Shoot Wand) but the whole addon is bloaty, and if one leaves the list enabled, it churns through 25 KiB/sec (!!!) in a full raid.

    Additionally, its assist logic currently only supports CTRA tank tables (though adding oRA would be trivial), and the "marked target" bit only works if the list is on.

    What I'd really love to see is a lightweight (ace or otherwise) rewrite of the assist logic that (optionally of course) uses PerfectTargets to assist based on arbitrary criteria (i.e., is my "assigned puller's" target, is marked, has the most people targetting, has no oRA/CT tanks targetting it, etc) both with an assist key and optionally with the automatic assist logic.

    Any takers?
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    that's my understanding, but poor clad's bandwidth is probably still suffering =(

    does anyone know if paypal donations go toward that? i'd pitch in.
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    posted a message on Full featured tooltip mod
    TinyTip has been updated to Ace2, and is highly configurable now. Check it out on the svn files page.
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    posted a message on Compact loot frames
    try EnhancedLootFrames from the SVN.
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    posted a message on oSkin
    tested it with EquipCompare, works fine. EC has two GameTooltip frames named ComparisonTooltip1 and ComparisonTooltip2.
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    i was able to make it churn by running my mouse over a whole row, but not past 50KiB/sec, and it cleared up after I stopped spamming tooltips.
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    posted a message on otravi_Cooldowns 1.0.0 [30.07.06]
    Item cooldowns below 30 seconds need to be reset to 30 for the global equip cooldown when they are worn.
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    posted a message on FuXPFu - (As inspired by Bant)
    I haven't had a great deal of time to look at the OnEnable and OnInitialize function calls, but it appears that the second Rep bar disappears on ReloadUI. I'm able to get it back by toggling the option twice, of course.
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    posted a message on idChat2
    Quote from Rani_Klasky »

    I noticed the "sticky channel" I was wondering if this also includes "Forcing" channels to remain a certin #?

    ATM I have
    1 - General
    2 -
    3 - My channel
    4 - Alt Class channel
    5 - Class channel

    Thought I would ask before I changed over compeatly.

    sticky just keeps your editbox locked on that message type currently. the only addon i'm aware of that forces certain channel numbers is Cirk's Chatmanager.
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    posted a message on oRA2
    Would be nice to have an option to hide the MainTankFrames without having to totally rip out the Optional lua
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    posted a message on EgoCast
    @maximoz: EgoCast is meant to supplant the blizzard Self Cast option, since the built-in Self Cast totally horks click-casting via Clique et al. Its enable function explicitly disables that CVar.

    @theondry: I don't see an OnDisable function in EgoCast.
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    posted a message on ItemRackFu - 2.0
    I've updated ItemRackFu to use the FuBar 2.0 API. It's sufficiently trivial (and I don't have handy hosting or svn commit access) that I think I can get away with just posting it here:

    it's not localised, and you'll have to pull in the libraries and icon, but it's at least a start.

    ## Interface: 11200
    ## Title: FuBar - |cffffffffItemRack|r|cff00ff00Fu|r
    ## Notes: FuBar plugin for ItemRack
    ## Author: |cffFA8072Kyahx|r
    ## eMail: [email]kyahx.pots@gmail.com[/email]
    ## X-Category: Inventory
    ## Dependencies: FuBar
    ## OptionalDeps: Ace2, FuBarPlugin-2.0, DewdropLib, TabletLib
    ## Version: 2.0
    ## LoadOnDemand: 1

    local L = AceLibrary("AceLocale-2.0"):new("FuBar_ItemRackFu")
    local Dewdrop = AceLibrary("Dewdrop-2.0")
    local Tablet = AceLibrary("Tablet-2.0")
    ItemRackFu = AceLibrary("AceAddon-2.0"):new("FuBarPlugin-2.0", "AceEvent-2.0", "AceConsole-2.0")
    ItemRackFu.hasIcon = true
    local IR_outdated
    if tonumber(ItemRack_Version) and tonumber(ItemRack_Version)>1.82 then IR_outdated = nil
    else IR_outdated = true end
    function ItemRackFu:OnEnable()
    	TitanPanelItemRackButton = FuBarPluginItemRackFuFrame -- Fake the Titan Panel Button so that ItemRack's built in functions fire properly.
    function ItemRackFu:OnDisable()
    	TitanPanelItemRackButton = nil
    function ItemRackFu:SetsToggle()
    function ItemRackFu:OnMenuRequest(level, value)
    	if level == 1 then
    			'text', "Open ItemRack Settings",
    			'arg1', self,
    			'func', "SetsToggle",
    			'closeWhenClicked', true
    function ItemRackFu:OnTooltipUpdate()
    	local cat = Tablet:AddCategory(
    		'columns', 1,
    		'child_textR', 1,
    		'child_textG', 1,
    		'child_textB', 0,
    		'child_text2R', 1,
    		'child_text2G', 1,
    		'child_text2B', 1
    	if IR_outdated then
    		cat:AddLine('text', "ItemRack v1.83+ required.")
    		cat:AddLine('text', "Left-click to choose a set.")
    function ItemRackFu:UpdateText()
    	local _,setName,setIcon = ItemRack_GetUserSets()
    	if setName then
    function ItemRackFu:OnClick()
    	if ItemRack_MenuFrame:IsVisible() then
    -- triggered by ItemRack on draw_inv
    function ItemRack_UpdatePlugins()
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    posted a message on dedicated [FuBar] Plugins request topic
    Quote from entropism »

    Not a request for a NEW plug-in, just updates to Fubar2 for some old ones:

    ReloadUIFu, ItemrackFu and CombatInfoFu

    and Tracker, please =)
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    posted a message on recent bad fps in raids
    the only addon that sticks out is coolDown. i've had it churning as much as 50KiB/sec before. try replacing it with oCD.

    (also, I'd recommend replacing decursive with Detox)
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