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    posted a message on Packager has a problem
    Oh, okay. Thank you anyway.
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    posted a message on Packager has a problem

    I have a problem with my packager. Today I tried using git but decided to switch back to svn. However, I commited my changes to my projects and tried to tag them as a new version but I get following message at the packager status site on BOTH projects:
    There was an error displaying this markup. Please report this to a moderator.

    The projects are: TinyMeleeStats (TMS) and TinyCasterStats (TCS).

    Could someone please help me?

    Thank you!

    Edit: meanwhile the packager did his job, but the message is still there...
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    posted a message on Color picker for text color [TinyMeleeStats]
    Thank you!
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    posted a message on Color picker for text color [TinyMeleeStats]

    Is there nobody who can help me?
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    posted a message on Color picker for text color [TinyMeleeStats]

    I'm going to crash in my 22" widescreen if nobody can help me! >:(

    Trying out no for hours to code a color picker for my addon TinyMeleeStats.
    My target is that the player can set the color of the stats by himself.
    My problem is that I don't know how to realize that. Tried different thinks - but all failed.

    Don't know if that is important:
    TMS uses these libs:
    • AceAddon-3.0
    • AceConfig-3.0
    • AceConsole-3.0
    • AceDB-3.0
    • AceEvent-3.0
    • AceGUI-3.0
    • VallbackHandler-1.0
    • LibDataBroker-1.1
    • LibSharedMedia-3.0
    • LibStub
    Can someone help me?

    Sorry for my bad grammatic but I hate grammatic!

    Greets from Germany,
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    posted a message on Yata (not an official thread)
    I've written a german translation...

    I would like to take over the project but I'm not such a pro in lua... even can't found how to fix the errors i get (Yata is not shown an many errors and so on)... if there is someone who wants to make a "program-group" send me a message - it would be funny x)

    greetings from Germany,
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    posted a message on TinyMeleeStats... need help...

    I've many ideas for my addon, called "TinyMeleeStats", but I don't know how to include them in the addon...
    A few ideas are already included but there are still more ideas...
    I've read some tutorials and I searched a lot in the internet but the most good pages are written in an English style that I can't understand.
    So I'm looking for someone who wants to take part in programming further versions of TinyMeleeStats.

    I'll tell you something about TinyMeleeStats:

    TinyMeleeStats is, the name says this, an addon for Melee classes (enhancement shamys, ms/furry warrior, rouges).
    It is based on "Tiny Attack Power" and "TinyStats" - both written by Showside.
    It displays the users current melee stats (attack power, crit chance, main- and offhand weapon speed) in a small text on the screen.

    The user can choose between five different "pages".
    1: AP, Crit, MH- & OH-Speed (standard)
    2: AP
    3: AP, Crit
    4: Crit
    5: MH- & OH-Speed

    Out of this, the user can fix the text with slash commands at the actual position (problem: the addon doesn't save the position - on relogg the text is at the standard position).

    Some ideas I want to add to the addon:
    - user can change the font in the game
    - include configuration to Blizzards addon configuration tool
    - addon should become multilingual
    - fix the bug with the text position (look above)

    If there is someone who wants to help me: contact me!
    I've two petitions: the person(s) who contacts me shouldn't be such noobs like me and they shouldn't have problems with my bad English :D

    Greetings form the cold Germany,
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    posted a message on WoW hates my slashcommands :D
    yeah, it works... on an other way... wayne...

    an other question: how can I save something which is configurated with the slash commands?

    I want the addon to save a number (0 or 1)...

    btw. the addon saves the number in the lua file in the WTF folder but on reload ui the addon doesn't take the infos off these file...
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    posted a message on WoW hates my slashcommands :D
    Thanks all!
    I'll try it!

    @OrionShock: Who does it work with "cmds"?
    doesn't it works like that:
    if (cmds[1] == "font") then
    			TinyMeleeStats.Font = "Fonts/"..cmds[2]..".ttf");
    			tmsstr:SetFont(""..TinyMeleeStats.Font.."", TinyMeleeStats.Size, "OUTLINE");
    	elseif (cmds[1] == "lock") then
    		if (cmds[2] == "on") then
    			TinyMeleeStats.FrameMovable = 0;
    		elseif (cmds[2] == "off") then
    			TinyMeleeStats.FrameMovable = 1;
    			DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("|cffff6060Keine g\195\188ltige Eingabe!|c00ff00ff/tms |c001E90FFlock |cff00ff00[on|off]|cffffd700 Text fixieren/freistellen|r");
    		DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("|cffff6060Keine g\195\188ltige Eingabe!\nKonfigurationsbefehle:\n|c00ff00ff/tms\n    |c001E90FFfont |cff00ff00[Schriftart]|cffffd700 Schriftart wechseln\n    |c001E90FFlock |cff00ff00[on|off]|cffffd700 Text fixieren/freistellen|r");
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    posted a message on WoW hates my slashcommands :D
    Hello World! :p

    First I want you to know that my english is bad so please write in an easy language :rolleyes: - or in german :p
    Out of this I'm a beginner in programming addons for WoW...

    I've a problem:
    Fuck'n WoW don't registers my slashcommands...
    In the LUA-file:
    SlashCmdList["TMS"] = TMS_config;
    SLASH_TMS1 = "/tms";
    function TMS_config()
    	local tCmds = {}
    	if tCmds[1] == "" then
    		DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("|cffffd700TinyMeleeStats v0.1.1:\n|c00ff00ff/tms|r\n|c001E90FFfont|cffffd700 Schriftart|r");

    But when I type "/tms" in the chatframe WoW says that there is no such command.
    I think that there is a silly misstake but I can't find the misstake.
    Can someone help me?

    Thanks for help,
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