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    posted a message on Automatic Packaging Marks Addon for Classic

     I've noticed this has stopped happening on subsequent builds after I manually changed an earlier build to 8.2.5 (and disabled Classic).

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    posted a message on Automatic Packaging Marks Addon for Classic

    Hi there - my addon, - has been getting set as a Classic addon during the automatic packaging step despite this addon not being intended for Classic.


    I can manually adjust builds after the fact to state that it should be for Retail not Classic, but would like a way to specify this within the pkgmeta (or in the project configuration somewhere).


    Can anyone advise where we need to make changes to fix this?

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    posted a message on Updates not pushing to Curse

    We're seeing a similar issue with the Raider.IO addon.  Since it sounds like some here are saying it is fixed for them, I wanted to reach out to bring it up that our situation does not appear fixed.


    Currently our addon shows as having the latest release from 2 days ago.  However we've been pushing a tagged commit once to twice per day to github, and have had a webhook setup to send this to CurseForge for packaging. In the CurseForge Dashboard I can see that the hooks have been received from github, but the recent calls don't attempt to package a build.


    All these commits have been tagged.


    Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


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