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    Hello, guys! I previously announced a SCP mod. Well, it's cancelled. (for now)


    But, i will be making a mod (with MCreator) with several sky related dimensions. There will be several bosses and new mobs for you to brawl against!

    Also,  new items, armor, and more will be added in this mod.


    For now, ill be keeping this mod relatively silent as i want to work on it in my own time, and I don't want to be making any promises near the end of the school year. (Map testing and sorts)


    Anyway, I hope you look forward, not much though of course, for this mods release! A version may be released for you all relatively soon if nothing goes wrong life wise.


    Chromedreameggster wishes you all the best of luck on your own projects and life related stuff! ;D


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    This mod would add things from SCP Containment Breach, and the official SCP website.

    I want to know what SCPs you guys want to be added. The first version won't have any creature SCPs and just object SCPs.

    I will most likely add SCP-999, and SCP-066 as the first two creature SCPs.






    NOTE: This mod is more of a concept mod, and a rp mod rather than a mod that i want to be good and fancy. I will not accept any hate on anything I  do for this mod. If you do hate on the mod, just know how much that won't affect me from doing what I want.


    (The mod will be made with MCreator 1.7.10) [I may update to newer versions later on]


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