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    I guess great minds all think alike my husband told me to log on and make a request to add the message to party and or raid. We currently use both Bigbrother and CCBreaker. I like CC much better than BB. CC does so much more but it doesnt print to raid. I'm the Raid leader and I get so sich of saying dont mulitshot, dont frost nova, dont hit the shackles, and so on win BB prints it to raid chat saying xplay broke xcc with xspell it just stops people from saying it wasn't me and saves me wasted words. I'd really like to see this feature added to this mod, soon. Thanks for a great mod :-).
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    Here are some Major problems I have with Your mod. It seriously makes me scream and swear at it some times.

    1 - When I que something up it does not subtract the ammount. For example. I'm looking in my Alchemy list I see I can make 20 MageBlood Potions the mats for this is 2 plaugebloom and 1 Dreamfoil then I look down and I see I can make 20 Elixars of Sages which again takes 2 Plaguebloom and 1 Dreamfoil. So I que up 10 Mage Bloods which should not tell me that I can only make 10 Sages except it doesnt. It's still telling me I can make 20 of them. This was a very nice feature that ATSW had. I want the mod to be smart enough to subract mats for possible crafting when I que something up.

    2 - When I go to make something say I'm making 5 Elixars of Healing Power. Skillet say I only have enough to make 4 so I que 5 up run to the AH buy just enough mats to make the 5. Click create 5 and in the tooltip it says 0/0/1. Now where did that 1 come from??? I can't make one I have no mats on me, non on my alts or my bank or mail or anything but for some reason it still thinks I have 1 more I can make. This has to be some sort of updating issue.

    3 - I want a customizeable option. I want to go in to my Alchemy list make headers such as BC elixars, BC Pots, Old Elixars, Old Pots, BC Trans, Old Trans, Mics and then sort my list according to my new catorgory. Again this was a very awesome feature of ATSW. This was all too awesome for Enchanting you could go in and make headings Gloves, Chest, 2h Weap, Weap, Feet, Oils, Mics and then put all the right things in the right places and then sort that way so when your doing an enchant you can quickly go to that heading and find the correct thing.

    4 - It does not remember searches. If I open my enchanting list and I search Oil. It should bring me up all of my wiz and mana oils, I think click on Brillant Mana Oil see what I need, close my window go to the bank get the mats, buy bottles and then open list again and the search is gone. This is sooooooo frustrating.

    5- Last but not lest. I have not noticed this in all the trade skills but for sure in Engineering. I que up a Biznix Scope (old scope from MC) This is takes some arc converters, dark iron bars, few other things and for some reason it always wants to tell me I need either a hand ful of Fel Iron bolts, Which is so Stupid sense Fel Iron bolts did not even exist then, or a thorium widget, again stupid becuase non of the things to make this scope takes a thorium widget.

    If you're going to rip off someone elses mod my god at least make it as good or better than thier mod.

    I was only interested in using this, imo, peice of crap mod because it was an "ACE" mod. You seriously need to look at some of your codeing and fix it.
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    will that add on work like skilett or advanced tradeskill window by auto buying the reagents you need from vendor?
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