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    posted a message on Git : remote: error: unable to create temporary file: Read-only file system

    Mercurial users are getting "HTTP Error: 500 (Internal Server Error)".

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    posted a message on Struggling on SetTexCoord correct bounds
    Thanks, i'll try this.
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    posted a message on Struggling on SetTexCoord correct bounds
    Thanks for the quick answer Phanx, you are awesome, but please don't confuse someone which wants hide its precious code with a guy which only wants to be polite asking about the issue first.

    The addon (this) is big, i'm pasting here parts which a think is relevant to the problem.
    I apologise in advance, for my bad coding and for few variables isn't being in English :(

    This is where the window frame is created (gumps/janela_principal.lua, 2309):
    -- main frames -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    	--> create the base frame, everything connect in this frame except the rows.
    	local baseframe = CreateFrame ("scrollframe", "DetailsBaseFrame"..ID, _UIParent)
    	baseframe.instance = instancia
    	baseframe:SetFrameStrata (baseframe_strata)
    	baseframe:SetFrameLevel (2)
    	--> background holds the wallpaper, alert strings ans textures, have setallpoints on baseframe
    	--> backgrounddisplay is a scrollschild of backgroundframe
    	local backgroundframe =  CreateFrame ("scrollframe", "Details_WindowFrame"..ID, baseframe)
    	local backgrounddisplay = CreateFrame ("frame", "Details_GumpFrame"..ID, backgroundframe)
    	backgroundframe:SetFrameLevel (3)
    	backgrounddisplay:SetFrameLevel (3)
    	backgroundframe.instance = instancia
    	backgrounddisplay.instance = instancia
    	--> row frame is the parent of rows, it have setallpoints on baseframe
    	local rowframe = CreateFrame ("frame", "DetailsRowFrame"..ID, _UIParent)
    	rowframe:SetAllPoints (baseframe)
    	rowframe:SetFrameStrata (baseframe_strata)
    	rowframe:SetFrameLevel (2)
    	instancia.rowframe = rowframe
    	--> right click bookmark
    	local switchbutton = gump:NewDetailsButton (backgrounddisplay, baseframe, nil, function() end, nil, nil, 1, 1, "", "", "", "", 
    	{rightFunc = {func = function() _detalhes.switch:ShowMe (instancia) end, param1 = nil, param2 = nil}}, "Details_SwitchButtonFrame" ..  ID)
    	switchbutton:SetPoint ("topleft", backgrounddisplay, "topleft")
    	switchbutton:SetPoint ("bottomright", backgrounddisplay, "bottomright")
    	switchbutton:SetFrameLevel (backgrounddisplay:GetFrameLevel()+1)
    	--> avoid mouse hover over a high window when the menu is open for a lower instance.
    	local anti_menu_overlap = CreateFrame ("frame", "Details_WindowFrameAntiMenuOverlap" .. ID, baseframe)
    	anti_menu_overlap:SetSize (100, 13)
    	anti_menu_overlap:SetFrameStrata ("DIALOG")
    	anti_menu_overlap:EnableMouse (true)
    	baseframe.anti_menu_overlap = anti_menu_overlap
    -- scroll bar -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    --> create the scrollbar, almost not used.
    	local scrollbar = CreateFrame ("slider", "Details_ScrollBar"..ID, backgrounddisplay) --> scroll
    	--> scroll image-node up
    		baseframe.scroll_up = backgrounddisplay:CreateTexture (nil, "background")
    		baseframe.scroll_up:SetPoint ("topleft", backgrounddisplay, "topright", 0, 0)
    		baseframe.scroll_up:SetTexture (DEFAULT_SKIN)
    		baseframe.scroll_up:SetTexCoord (unpack (COORDS_SLIDER_TOP))
    		baseframe.scroll_up:SetWidth (32)
    		baseframe.scroll_up:SetHeight (32)
    	--> scroll image-node down
    		baseframe.scroll_down = backgrounddisplay:CreateTexture (nil, "background")
    		baseframe.scroll_down:SetPoint ("bottomleft", backgrounddisplay, "bottomright", 0, 0)
    		baseframe.scroll_down:SetTexture (DEFAULT_SKIN)
    		baseframe.scroll_down:SetTexCoord (unpack (COORDS_SLIDER_DOWN))
    		baseframe.scroll_down:SetWidth (32)
    		baseframe.scroll_down:SetHeight (32)
    	--> scroll image-node middle
    		baseframe.scroll_middle = backgrounddisplay:CreateTexture (nil, "background")
    		baseframe.scroll_middle:SetPoint ("top", baseframe.scroll_up, "bottom", 0, 8)
    		baseframe.scroll_middle:SetPoint ("bottom", baseframe.scroll_down, "top", 0, -11)
    		baseframe.scroll_middle:SetTexture (DEFAULT_SKIN)
    		baseframe.scroll_middle:SetTexCoord (unpack (COORDS_SLIDER_MIDDLE))
    		baseframe.scroll_middle:SetWidth (32)
    		baseframe.scroll_middle:SetHeight (64)
    	--> scroll widgets
    		baseframe.button_up = CreateFrame ("button", "DetailsScrollUp" .. instancia.meu_id, backgrounddisplay)
    		baseframe.button_down = CreateFrame ("button", "DetailsScrollDown" .. instancia.meu_id, backgrounddisplay)
    		baseframe.button_up:SetWidth (29)
    		baseframe.button_up:SetHeight (32)
    		baseframe.button_up:SetNormalTexture ([[Interface\BUTTONS\UI-ScrollBar-ScrollUpButton-Up]])
    		baseframe.button_up:SetPushedTexture ([[Interface\BUTTONS\UI-ScrollBar-ScrollUpButton-Down]])
    		baseframe.button_up:SetDisabledTexture ([[Interface\BUTTONS\UI-ScrollBar-ScrollUpButton-Disabled]])
    		baseframe.button_down:SetWidth (29)
    		baseframe.button_down:SetHeight (32)
    		baseframe.button_down:SetNormalTexture ([[Interface\BUTTONS\UI-ScrollBar-ScrollDownButton-Up]])
    		baseframe.button_down:SetPushedTexture ([[Interface\BUTTONS\UI-ScrollBar-ScrollDownButton-Down]])
    		baseframe.button_down:SetDisabledTexture ([[Interface\BUTTONS\UI-ScrollBar-ScrollDownButton-Disabled]])
    		baseframe.button_up:SetPoint ("topright", baseframe.scroll_up, "topright", -4, 3)
    		baseframe.button_down:SetPoint ("bottomright", baseframe.scroll_down, "bottomright", -4, -6)
    		scrollbar:SetPoint ("top", baseframe.button_up, "bottom", 0, 12)
    		scrollbar:SetPoint ("bottom", baseframe.button_down, "top", 0, -12)
    		scrollbar:SetPoint ("left", backgrounddisplay, "right", 3, 0)
    		--> config set
    		scrollbar:SetOrientation ("VERTICAL")
    		scrollbar.scrollMax = 0
    		scrollbar:SetMinMaxValues (0, 0)
    		scrollbar:SetValue (0)
    		scrollbar.ultimo = 0
    		--> thumb
    		scrollbar.thumb = scrollbar:CreateTexture (nil, "overlay")
    		scrollbar.thumb:SetTexture ([[Interface\Buttons\UI-ScrollBar-Knob]])
    		scrollbar.thumb:SetSize (29, 30)
    		scrollbar:SetThumbTexture (scrollbar.thumb)
    		--> scripts
    		button_down_scripts (baseframe, backgrounddisplay, instancia, scrollbar)
    		button_up_scripts (baseframe, backgrounddisplay, instancia, scrollbar)
    -- stretch button -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    		baseframe.button_stretch = CreateFrame ("button", "DetailsButtonStretch" .. instancia.meu_id, baseframe)
    		baseframe.button_stretch:SetPoint ("bottom", baseframe, "top", 0, 20)
    		baseframe.button_stretch:SetPoint ("right", baseframe, "right", -27, 0)
    		baseframe.button_stretch:SetFrameLevel (15)
    		local stretch_texture = baseframe.button_stretch:CreateTexture (nil, "overlay")
    		stretch_texture:SetTexture (DEFAULT_SKIN)
    		stretch_texture:SetTexCoord (unpack (COORDS_STRETCH))
    		stretch_texture:SetWidth (32)
    		stretch_texture:SetHeight (16)
    		stretch_texture:SetAllPoints (baseframe.button_stretch)
    		baseframe.button_stretch.texture = stretch_texture
    		baseframe.button_stretch:SetWidth (32)
    		baseframe.button_stretch:SetHeight (16)
    		gump:Fade (baseframe.button_stretch, "ALPHA", 0)
    		button_stretch_scripts (baseframe, backgrounddisplay, instancia)
    -- main window config -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    		baseframe:SetClampedToScreen (true)
    		baseframe:SetSize (_detalhes.new_window_size.width, _detalhes.new_window_size.height)
    		baseframe:SetPoint ("center", _UIParent)
    		baseframe:EnableMouseWheel (false)
    		baseframe:EnableMouse (true)
    		baseframe:SetMovable (true)
    		baseframe:SetResizable (true)
    		baseframe:SetMinResize (150, 7)
    		baseframe:SetMaxResize (_detalhes.max_window_size.width, _detalhes.max_window_size.height)
    		baseframe:SetBackdrop (gump_fundo_backdrop)
    		baseframe:SetBackdropColor (instancia.bg_r, instancia.bg_g, instancia.bg_b, instancia.bg_alpha)
    -- background window config -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    		backgroundframe:SetAllPoints (baseframe)
    		backgroundframe:SetScrollChild (backgrounddisplay)
    		backgrounddisplay:SetResizable (true)
    		backgrounddisplay:SetPoint ("topleft", baseframe, "topleft")
    		backgrounddisplay:SetPoint ("bottomright", baseframe, "bottomright")
    		backgrounddisplay:SetBackdrop (gump_fundo_backdrop)
    		backgrounddisplay:SetBackdropColor (instancia.bg_r, instancia.bg_g, instancia.bg_b, instancia.bg_alpha)

    This is the function which makes the setpoints plus the function responsible for creating rows (gumps/janela_principal.lua, 2736):
    function _detalhes:SetBarGrowDirection (direction)
    	if (not direction) then
    		direction = self.bars_grow_direction
    	self.bars_grow_direction = direction
    	local x = self.row_info.space.left
    	if (direction == 1) then --> top to bottom
    		for index, row in _ipairs (self.barras) do
    			local y = self.row_height * (index - 1)
    			y = y * -1
    			row:SetPoint ("topleft", self.baseframe, "topleft", x, y)
    	elseif (direction == 2) then --> bottom to top
    		for index, row in _ipairs (self.barras) do
    			local y = self.row_height * (index - 1)
    			row:SetPoint ("bottomleft", self.baseframe, "bottomleft", x, y + 2)
    	--> update all row width
    	if (self.bar_mod and self.bar_mod ~= 0) then
    		for index = 1, #self.barras do
    			self.barras [index]:SetWidth (self.baseframe:GetWidth() + self.bar_mod)
    		for index = 1, #self.barras do
    			self.barras [index]:SetWidth (self.baseframe:GetWidth()+self.row_info.space.right)
    function gump:CriaNovaBarra (instancia, index)
    	--> instancia = window object, index = row number
    	local baseframe = instancia.baseframe
    	local rowframe = instancia.rowframe
    	--> create the bar with rowframe as parent
    	local new_row = CreateFrame ("button", "DetailsBarra_"..instancia.meu_id.."_"..index, rowframe)
    	new_row.row_id = index
    	new_row.instance_id = instancia.meu_id
    	new_row.animacao_fim = 0
    	new_row.animacao_fim2 = 0
    	--> set point, almost irrelevant here, it recalc this on SetBarGrowDirection()
    	local y = instancia.row_height * (index-1)
    	if (instancia.bars_grow_direction == 1) then
    		y = y*-1
    		new_row:SetPoint ("topleft", baseframe, "topleft", instancia.row_info.space.left, y)
    	elseif (instancia.bars_grow_direction == 2) then
    		new_row:SetPoint ("bottomleft", baseframe, "bottomleft", instancia.row_info.space.left, y + 2)
    	--> row height
    	new_row:SetHeight (instancia.row_info.height)
    	new_row:SetWidth (baseframe:GetWidth()+instancia.row_info.space.right)
    	new_row:SetFrameLevel (baseframe:GetFrameLevel() + 4)
    	new_row.last_value = 0
    	new_row.w_mod = 0
    	new_row:EnableMouse (true)
    	new_row:RegisterForClicks ("LeftButtonDown", "RightButtonDown")
    	--> statusbar
    	new_row.statusbar = CreateFrame ("StatusBar", "DetailsBarra_Statusbar_"..instancia.meu_id.."_"..index, new_row)
    	--> frame for hold the backdrop border
    	new_row.border = CreateFrame ("Frame", "DetailsBarra_Border_" .. instancia.meu_id .. "_" .. index, new_row.statusbar)
    	new_row.border:SetFrameLevel (new_row.statusbar:GetFrameLevel()+1)
    	new_row.border:SetAllPoints (new_row)
    	--> create textures and icons
    	new_row.textura = new_row.statusbar:CreateTexture (nil, "artwork")
    	new_row.textura:SetHorizTile (false)
    	new_row.textura:SetVertTile (false)
    	--> row background texture
    	new_row.background = new_row:CreateTexture (nil, "background")
    	new_row.background:SetAllPoints (new_row)
    	new_row.statusbar:SetStatusBarColor (0, 0, 0, 0)
    	new_row.statusbar:SetStatusBarTexture (new_row.textura)
    	new_row.statusbar:SetMinMaxValues (0, 100)
    	new_row.statusbar:SetValue (0)
    	--> class icon
    	local icone_classe = new_row.statusbar:CreateTexture (nil, "overlay")
    	icone_classe:SetHeight (instancia.row_info.height)
    	icone_classe:SetWidth (instancia.row_info.height)
    	icone_classe:SetTexture (instancia.row_info.icon_file)
    	icone_classe:SetTexCoord (.75, 1, .75, 1)
    	new_row.icone_classe = icone_classe
    	icone_classe:SetPoint ("left", new_row, "left")
    	new_row.statusbar:SetPoint ("topleft", icone_classe, "topright")
    	new_row.statusbar:SetPoint ("bottomright", new_row, "bottomright")
    	--> left text
    	new_row.texto_esquerdo = new_row.statusbar:CreateFontString (nil, "overlay", "GameFontHighlight")
    	new_row.texto_esquerdo:SetPoint ("left", new_row.icone_classe, "right", 3, 0)
    	new_row.texto_esquerdo:SetJustifyH ("left")
    	new_row.texto_esquerdo:SetNonSpaceWrap (true)
    	--> right text
    	new_row.texto_direita = new_row.statusbar:CreateFontString (nil, "overlay", "GameFontHighlight")
    	new_row.texto_direita:SetPoint ("right", new_row.statusbar, "right")
    	new_row.texto_direita:SetJustifyH ("right")
    	--> set the onclick, on enter scripts
    	barra_scripts (new_row, instancia, index)
    	--> hide
    	gump:Fade (new_row, 1) 
    	--> adds the window container
    	instancia.barras [index] = new_row
    	--> set the left text
    	new_row.texto_esquerdo:SetText (Loc ["STRING_NEWROW"])
    	--> refresh rows
    	return new_row

    Code for change the window position when the profile is load (core/windows.lua, 166):
    	function _detalhes:RestoreMainWindowPosition (pre_defined)
    		local _scale = self.baseframe:GetEffectiveScale() 
    		local _UIscale = _UIParent:GetScale()
    		local novo_x = self.posicao[self.mostrando].x*_UIscale/_scale
    		local novo_y = self.posicao[self.mostrando].y*_UIscale/_scale
    		if (pre_defined) then --> overwrite
    			novo_x = pre_defined.x*_UIscale/_scale
    			novo_y = pre_defined.y*_UIscale/_scale
    			self.posicao[self.mostrando].w = pre_defined.largura
    			self.posicao[self.mostrando].h = pre_defined.altura
    		self.baseframe:SetWidth (self.posicao[self.mostrando].w)
    		self.baseframe:SetHeight (self.posicao[self.mostrando].h)
    		self.baseframe:SetPoint ("CENTER", _UIParent, "CENTER", novo_x, novo_y)
    		self.baseframe.BoxBarrasAltura = self.baseframe:GetHeight() - end_window_spacement --> espaço para o final da janela
    	function _detalhes:SaveMainWindowPosition (instance)
    		if (instance) then
    			self = instance
    		local mostrando = self.mostrando
    		--> get sizes
    		local baseframe_width = self.baseframe:GetWidth()
    		local baseframe_height = self.baseframe:GetHeight()
    		if (not baseframe_width) then
    			return _detalhes:ScheduleTimer ("SaveMainWindowPosition", 1, self)
    		--> calc position
    		local xOfs, yOfs = self.baseframe:GetCenter()
    		if (not xOfs) then
    			return _detalhes:ScheduleTimer ("SaveMainWindowPosition", 1, self)
    		local _scale = self.baseframe:GetEffectiveScale()
    		local _UIscale = _UIParent:GetScale()
    		xOfs = xOfs*_scale - _GetScreenWidth()*_UIscale/2
    		yOfs = yOfs*_scale - _GetScreenHeight()*_UIscale/2
    		--> save the position
    		local _w = baseframe_width
    		local _h = baseframe_height
    		local _x = xOfs/_UIscale
    		local _y = yOfs/_UIscale
    		self.posicao[mostrando].x = _x
    		self.posicao[mostrando].y = _y
    		self.posicao[mostrando].w = _w
    		self.posicao[mostrando].h = _h
    		--> update the 4 points for window groups
    		local metade_largura = _w/2
    		local metade_altura = _h/2
    		local statusbar_y_mod = 0
    		if (not self.show_statusbar) then
    			statusbar_y_mod = 14
    		self.ponto1 = {x = _x - metade_largura, y = _y + metade_altura + (statusbar_y_mod*-1)} --topleft
    		self.ponto2 = {x = _x - metade_largura, y = _y - metade_altura + statusbar_y_mod} --bottomleft
    		self.ponto3 = {x = _x + metade_largura, y = _y - metade_altura + statusbar_y_mod} --bottomright
    		self.ponto4 = {x = _x + metade_largura, y = _y + metade_altura + (statusbar_y_mod*-1)} --topright
    		self.baseframe.BoxBarrasAltura = self.baseframe:GetHeight() - end_window_spacement --> espaço para o final da janela
    		return {altura = self.baseframe:GetHeight(), largura = self.baseframe:GetWidth(), x = xOfs/_UIscale, y = yOfs/_UIscale}

    download the addon.
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    posted a message on Struggling on SetTexCoord correct bounds
    So, i got rid of this textures and replaced for normal buttons textures, also all interface part of the addon is done and i can back to focus in this complicated issue (at least for me eheheheh).

    This video shows a issue with backdrop border, when i change its size some bars show the border correctly, others show a thin border, many bars don't even show.
    At 0:21 seconds when turned borders off, rows 4 and 5 have no gap between them.
    Before i start freaking out :confused: and flood you guys with tons of code, let me ask, those issues are caused by screen's pixels too?

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    posted a message on Struggling on SetTexCoord correct bounds
    Quote from Lombra
    Make sure everything is positioned exactly according to the screen's pixels. If the border is placed x.5 pixels from the edge for example, that will cause a blur. This is common when you're dealing with stuff with dimensions of odd numbers and/or using CENTER for anchoring.

    Not sure if i get it the part of positioning according with the screen's pixels, i mean, how can i know that a frame is correctly positioned and how i fix if doesn't.
    btw, thanks for the answer, gave me some hope :)
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    posted a message on Struggling on SetTexCoord correct bounds
    I just realize that this issue can't be fixed.
    The image below have two buttons, #1 and #2 using the same texture, size, texcoord and still are different. The right side border of #2 isn't solid black as #1 :(

    And the worst part, i moved both windows containing the buttons to a random location and did /reload, the result:

    If anyone want test this, the image used is this: http://i.imgur.com/hABA7qr.png and texcoords: 0.0185546875, 0.04736328125, 0.4833984375, 0.49853515625

    As i need precision for this skin file, i wondering if splitting into lots of small individual files could be correct approach.
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    posted a message on Struggling on SetTexCoord correct bounds
    Nope, UI Scale disabled, checked twice.
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    posted a message on Struggling on SetTexCoord correct bounds
    Sorry, guys, i think i was tired late night and didn't explained well the issue, my bad.

    I'm aware about the division, i did used SetTexCoord (75/256, 165/256, 68/256, 158/256) coordinates from the second image, but the issue as shown on the first image is that the top red line have some white mixed within the red and the bottom red line is a little darker. Is this normal or i'm getting wrong coordinates?

    Thanks again and sorry about the mess.
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    posted a message on Struggling on SetTexCoord correct bounds
    I'm having difficult with texcoords and i not sure if i'm getting the correct cords. I'm using a method which i did read on wowwiki, but it's weird, the texture showing ingame stay slightly different.

    For instance, what image coords should be used to show only the square with red border in the center of this image? I'm using top left: 75 68 bottom right: 165 158.

    Thank you for reading.
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    posted a message on Using exclamation ! on .pkgmeta
    Okey, okey, i will not do that, i promise :)

    Concluding this topic, there is any way, a trick or else to a embed library save data when user logoff?
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    posted a message on Using exclamation ! on .pkgmeta
    Quote from Phanx
    Also, another reason why you should be using the dependency system correctly is that addons are not loaded alphabetically on all file systems, so while starting your addon name with an exclamation point will make it load first for many users, it won't work for all users.
    By contrast, specifying it as a dependency will make it load first for all users, regardless of file system, OS, etc.

    Thanks for this tip, i did not know that, i thing this is a game change eheheh.

    About Masque example, i did download this "masque add" http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/masque-renaitre and i realize that the main addon Masque did not come inside the zip file.

    If i assign Details as dependent of NickTag and someone download Details through his curse page (http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/details) NickTag will not come in the zip bundle right? Only if the user download through curse client NickTag will be installed automatically.

    So, guys, is correct i just use everything mentioned before, like this?

    url: http://hg.curseforge.net/wow/nicktag/mainline
    "Details/plugins/!NickTag": "!NickTag"
    - NickTag!

    This method nicktag will be placed inside the zip and also will be a dependence loading before the Details it self.

    And again, thaks for reading and helping in this issue.
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    posted a message on Using exclamation ! on .pkgmeta
    url: http://hg.curseforge.net/wow/nicktag/mainline
    "Details/plugins/!NickTag": "!NickTag"

    Thank you very much, this solve my problem and packpager are accepting ! (exclamation) with this method.
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    posted a message on Using exclamation ! on .pkgmeta
    Sorry for the lack of information and thanks for the quick answer.

    What i'm doing is actually is a library with saved variables, in my searches through the forum i've notice that this is not possible, so what i did (i'm noob with addons, if i'm doing something stupid, please let me know) is a library with .toc file in root directory and with the name beginning with ! exclamation for load before all others addons.

    So, i had problem when sending the commit with exclamation (!) on .pkgmeta (see the quote on my first post):
    remote: added 2 changesets with 2 changes to 1 files
    remote: error: Invalid .pkgmeta file
    remote: error: could not determine a constructor for the tag '!NickTag'
    remote: error: in "<string>", line 15, column 30:
    remote: error: Details/plugins/NickTag: !NickTag
    remote: error: ^
    remote: transaction abort!
    remote: rollback completed
    remote: abort: pretxnchangegroup.validate_pkgmeta hook failed
    [command returned code 1 Wed Aug 28 00:46:09 2013]

    Project links (perhaps might help you with something):
    main addon: http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/details/
    library: http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/nicktag/

    Also, let me explain why i need a library with saved variables: this library "nicktag" allow the player to set a nickname and avatar. This nickname is passed to others guild members through Ace-Comm, and i believe that its better create a cache and sent revision number instead of sending all nick name and avatar table every time the player enter in the game.
    Also, i thing this need to be a library for others addons can embed and use.

    Thanks for reading.
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    posted a message on Using exclamation ! on .pkgmeta
    Hi folks, this is a fast question, which i'm stuck and google isn't helping me in this one. What i need is .pkgmeta download another addon and move it to root directory, like this:

            url: [url]http://hg.curseforge.net/wow/nicktag/mainline[/url]
        Details/plugins/!NickTag: !NickTag

    - Is this possible? i mean let the packpager download and after move the file.
    - There is any way to use exclamation inside a YAML file? all the ways which i found on google doesn't seems to work here.

    Thank you for reading this, if someone can help-me i appreciate.
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