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     There is a free program on the Windows Store called Code Writer (if you can't find that, there are plenty others out there).
    Install it, and then open the file Race.lua in your /worldofwarcraft/Interface/Addons/Archy directory.
    I like Code Writer because it numbers the lines for you :) Scroll down to to line 111 (the numbers are usually on the left side). Click to put your cursor on that line. Copy and  paste the lines shown in the post at the website Myrroddin provided above (right click the "unofficial patch" link and open in new window, that way you can reference this comment and that post without having to go forward/back with your browser)
    Next go a few lines down to 121 and delete the line shown in the post I just linked. Copy the line (it looks like 2 in his post up there, but it pastes as one) that is posted. 
    For Code Writer, you can click the top left corner icon, then App Commands, then Save, and Save again (don't change the file name!)
    Exit, and restart your WoW client. Voila! Fixed! 
    Hope this helps :) I would've posted the code as referenced in that link, but as that was shared by someone other than me, not sure if it's allowed.
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