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    Quote from Jncl
    Hi TaliaMokani,

    I've checked this out and it is working fine for me, maybe you have a conflict with another addon ?

    Thanks for your replies. The problem with the battlefield minimap is definitely Skinner, as I have no other addon altering or affecting that ui element at all. I've found the problem even happens on max level characters with the full map discovered - it will randomly show some areas as undiscovered.

    I'm sorry to hear you don't plan to skin the item buttons in the various windows that have them. It really breaks the uniform look to have them default when everything else is skinned. :(
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    Hi; here are five errors (or possibly four and a feature request) that I've found since I started using Skinner a few days ago:

    1. I have to reload my UI to see every change I make with Skinner, not just the ones that state "require UI reload". This makes testing and tweaking a very long and painful process.

    2. The recent update to fix the textured drop-down menus didn't seem to change anything. If I have "Textured Drop-Downs" checked, they all look the default way that Kerecha's looked in the screenshot on the previous page, and I can't seem to find anywhere to change them. I've tried changing a variety of settings, and nothing has any effect. I've turned that function off, but now they're just boring solid-colour and blending in with the background. I'd like some effect, just not the default texture.

    3. When mousing through drop-down or pop-out menus, the item my mouse is over isn't highlighted. Sometimes it is for the first second or two, then they all stop. Sure, I can just see where my mouse is, but it makes it feel like something's hung up and my selection won't be registered when I click. (It is registered, but it's the feel of play that's being affected.)

    4. When I have the Battlefield Minimap Frame being skinned on a leveling toon who doesn't have the whole zone uncovered yet, the map will continually flash and alter which areas are uncovered and which are fogged. As soon as I unchecked that feature under UI Frames, the map stopped changing, so that was definitely what was doing it.

    5. In any window with container slots or item icons (looting, mail, character pane, talent pane, tradeskills, bags...), the containers aren't skinned. The outside of the pane is, and any clickable buttons within it, but not the containers. Under UI Frames - Container Frames, I do have Containers Skin checked. Maybe I'm using the wrong term for the elements I want. Are the slots within a bag, or the borders of an item icon in a loot window (and other such "bins") supposed to be skinned with this addon? If not, can they be? Does anyone know an addon that does that?

    Thanks very much!
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