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    posted a message on DPS meter

    I do like Details and Recount for their top notch information but sometimes I just want to see my own DPS and rank. Most mobile games will have a part of their UI showing a big number on right area of the screen that tells you your combo kills. I was thinking if that right side will show you your own DPS and a small number with it for your rank. Just two numbers. Big enough for you to monitor.

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    posted a message on Talented, a Talent template editor !
    Hey Jerry,

    I made a separate post on my request but I will add it up here.

    Is it ok to have my stats show up with the template editor? I wanna know how will my stats change as I change my talent tree. This will be one awesome addition if you could. I know nothing about scripting so I am just here requesting stuff. Thanks for your hard work.
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    posted a message on Talented
    I would like to know what will be my stats based on the Template Talented Editor. Can you do this with Talented? It's like putting Talented and DrDamage together but not only showing in actionbars but also on the character stats window (the one that shows up when you press "c").
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