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    Quote from lapalapa »

    yeah that works, thank you
    still i think its a good idea to keep things clear, seing some absolutly unnesissery files appear on svn makes me feel sad.

    actually, they arent in the trunk at all - and you shouldnt see them since they are in my own branch - i was just following the name guidelines that are set up. I'll have to put them someplace obscure - like a subdirectory of another addon or something.

    The files arent actually unnecessay to me i was modifying each of those addons to support ace2 better - and wanted to leave my work available to others.

    Anyhow, cheers
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    I put a check in for it. get the latest version
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    Quote from Manic »

    I use LoadIt http://ui.worldofwar.net/ui.php?id=2198

    I have tried other addon managers and haven't found any that I like as much as LoadIt.

    Thanks, im downloading it now.

    I asked the author of this tool if he would support ace2 files download:


    Im trying to come up with a turn-key way for people to get up and running - so configuring profiles and whatnot has to be automated
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    Quote from Nymbia »

    I'm not quite sure I understand your reasoning for 'embedded libraries cause problems'.  If a version bump in the library causes incompatibilities with certain mods, then it's honestly a problem with the library in question, not the entire system.

    Thats 'dll hell' to a T.

    Im drawing a parallel to when this was happening in windows, the problem is identical in most respects. Yes it is a flaw in the system, as it once was in windows, but im not trying to be critical, im trying to be constructive.

    If people dont agree with me thats ok.
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    Quote from tekkub »

    This might come across as a flame, but it's not intended as one...

    Not taken as one, im really quite interested in solving the problem because its obvious to me that there is one.

    I was really just trying to stimulate discussion on the topic because it seems like it gets ignored.

    Also, i understand about the LoD addons. what i am saying though, is that some thought needs to be put into how to manage them, instead of just passing that task along to the user. Your libraries may perform well, but they dont perform if people dont want to install them.

    I just went out on a limb to give people some cover to talk about this subjext. Personally - i can just use the svn or wau, but this really isnt about me, its about the end users.

    Also, maybe read this post:

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    Actually, i'll step back from my earlier assertion - there is something wierd with the way profiles are handled with respect to the fubar plugin and prat modules, i dont believe that there is a connection between the two - perhaps that confuses people.
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    Ok - we have a situation similar to what windows was like in the 90's. DLL Hell.

    For those that remember - Applications (Addons, in wow-speak) would install dll's (libraries in wow-speak) and installing one application could break another one that depended on the same dll.

    As it stands, when I release one of my 2 "hardly do anything" fubar plugins, there is always a post from someone saying that they have errors from other ace mods.

    Yes, i do realize that Ace2 is as yet unreleased - but thats not really a valid point, so please lets not even touch that.

    I want to discuss solutions to the problem - no bitch fests or political bs. This is an actual issue, and I'd like to see what ideas people have about solving it.

    This is sort of like the topic in this thread: http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?topic=2691.0

    However this concerns library management for addons, which is sort of a suptopic of that thread.

    As i see it - there is only 1 real way to install Ace2 et. al. -> standalone. however, that is not practical for distribution to primary sites - it requires a tool (WAU, SVN) to keep the libraries updated, and also a tool in game to help the user manage things. Cosmos has both of these tools - ace really only has a command line version of an in game addon manger (no standard tool exists), and it has WAU for the out of game manager.

    So...that complexity is why embedded libraries are used. but they have their own problems, slow loading, and library incompatibilities they rapidly become undesireable as you add more than one addon that uses them.

    !!!libs i dont this makes sense at all in its current form, and is just a 'hack' solution to the management problem i mention.

    Also, some of you appear to think people want LoD addons which take 5-10 folders in your addon directory, but you dont see why this is unappealing to some people, mostly because you use the SVN to keep your mods updated (thats why I think you dont understand this topic)

    Now lets discuss some real solutions to management of addons, and their various dependancies both ingame and out of game.

    I'm expecting some posts like "What problems are you having exactly", "I dont have any problems", etc. from people that dont quite get it and will want to defend the status quo. So, also post (dont bitch!!!) about some of the challenges you or your users have with managing your/thier addons.

    Dont flame or bitch or defend the status quo. If you dont agree that there is a problem - dont post, just read. Ok well - lets see where this takes us.

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    I just made a post over in this thread:


    maybe we should start another thread about managing libraries
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    I have just one question about !!!Libs

    Why do you guys use it? Seriously..im interested in the answer, because 1) it causes lots of problems for me when I try to distribute my addons, and 2) Standalones are better (technically)

    Im interested in knowing what could be done to convince you to stop using !!!Libs.

    For instance - i created some batch files that would (sorry mac users) let you just copy the !!!StandaloneLibraries directory into your addons folder - then run install.bat, and if you wanted to remove them - run uninstall.bat. It just was a simple change to make managing all those folders easier.


    or read my post on this thread:

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    Quote from cheadstina »

    Have you seen this nice branhc from Rophy. Modified MCP with Sets.


    When i first read it I said "wow that sounds like what i want", but when i checked the code it looks like that was something more like the profile system in the latest version:

    -- Changes
    --   2006.09.09
    --     2.2-BD release
    --     Made sure MCP doesn't turn itself off when checking disable all addons
    --   2006.09.06
    --     2.1-BD release
    --     Added localization 
    --     Added enable/disable all buttons
    --     Added tooltip when you mouse over an addon to show the notes
    --   2006.09.02
    --     2.0-BD release
    --     modifications by Bluedragon, alliance Frostwolf server
    --     Added slash command /mcp to open the window
    --     Added profiles for quickly changing which addons are enabled/disabled

    Though it still seems like the code itself would be useful - however im looking for something that will hide everything in a 'set' and display it as 1 item. eg. sct + sct_options would just display as 'sct'. thats just one example.

    another one sspvp, with 10 other parts would just be sspvp.

    Or Bigwigs* -> Bigwigs, etc.

    Its not the 10 folders that bother me, its that every mod is different in how those folders are named etc, and none of the authors seem tu onderstand why this is troublesome for some people.
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    Yay, now i can find out whats tainting my petframe buttons (MC'd mobs).

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    I dont have any issues with standalone either. Its the best way IMHO to run. Its just hard to distribute and maintain for end users- thats why embedded libs are used.

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    Quote from tazmanyak »

    Please excuse my stupidity, and maybe laziness ... i didn't try it yet, but tried to understand the code.
    And didn't really understand how it can be that simple when selfcast addons need sometimes 100 lines.
    Is it TBC only with future API ?

    (sorry, don't have TBC beta account)

    Btw thanks for it ^^
    I'll give it a try tomorrow, between two debug or localization sessions :p

    It just is that easy. The functionality is really built into the 2.0 client. The addon is just 3 lines of script you could execute in a macro - but this way it gets done for you.
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    Quote from dyseus »

    Why wouldnt you have mcp installed? The wowace files shows an mcp with the name sylvanaar in the file name. No change file, and if you select it, wowaceupdater stops updating items once processing mcp.

    Why is this happening, and cant the wowaceupdater skip the offending addon. Ive seen this with bartender3, now with mcp. Or is this more of an issue with people not handling updates correctly?

    It is a WAU bug, and it has a simple fix. Dont select it.

    Or you can put a directory inside the offending folder on your machine '.svn' which will cause WAU to skip over that directory, this is detailed in the WAU readme/info
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    Quote from Curney »

    i don't use the !!!Libs only because they are not always updated timely. :)
    i prefer to manage the eleventy billion libraries as stand alones instead. :)
    actually it's not hard to manage it at all with that winupdater thingy. :)

    Just try authoring a mod and posting it to curse or wowi, those poeple dont use WAU, they use the zips you give them. WAU is really just doing what the SVN does by letting you 'update'. But, its not doing any other management than that.

    I use standalone too - now, can you remove all the standalone libraries? what if you disabled all your libraries, how do you know which ones to turn back on? so your addons will work?

    Im happy that instead of 5-6 different mods for chat i have 1 that does everything i need.
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