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    Quote from Grilor
    during the Thaddius fight when were are killing the 1st 2 adds i would like to see life bars of the 2 mobs like the DBM mod has. makes it a bit easy to control the DPS on the 2 mobs to try to keep them even. or if there is that in BigWigs how do i turn it on? thanks

    i also posted this in the addon help section just in case there was a way to turn them on and i can't find it

    You don't need a new BW plugin module. Just set a focus for the other mob than the one you are damaging.
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    Not sure in BW, but what our raid does is set a focus on the OTHER mob than the one you are killing. That way you see both frames.
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    posted a message on COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED and unitid
    If it helps, you could look at the code for MrBigglesworthDeath, found on Curse, and see how I got the unitID (with help from Cladhaire and OrionShock).
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    posted a message on Lawyer speculation: Blizzard monetizing addons?
    I just hope you realize by now that Blizzard's "Apple Store" for addons was an April Fools joke. Probably you do, but just poking a stick at the poor horse.
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    Just musing here. Since Candybar, and by proxy PaintChips, are loaded via Ace2, and not LibStub, is there a way to simulate the same effects come patch 3.10? I would prefer Ace3 rather than Ace2, obviously.

    I know about AceTimer-3.0 but don't yet understand it (still reading about it) and I understand there is going to be some kind of animation APIs or widgets come patch day. Can the attached image be duplicated or approximated?
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    Quote from HunterZ
    Amazon has it dated to come out at the end of July of this year. I want to get the book but I'll probably wait for the 2nd edition since I haven't gotten around to it yet.

    It also struck me as odd that it looks like it goes in-depth into making frames via XML when noone does it that way any more. I the book dovetails it well into the subject of doing it via Lua instead.

    According to http://wowprogramming.com which is the authors' combined site, they suggest the July of this year is unrealistic, if only because they just got the deal to write the book recently. In other words, that is just Amazon's way of getting people to preorder.

    The other thing about Amazon's information is the description is more or less copied from the current edition, subject to change, and most likely is going to be completely different.

    I personally wouldn't wait for the new edition given the above information, but that's just me.
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    posted a message on Could need some help to understand all this...
    I got started (carefully admitting that I still have a great deal to learn) by reading the stickied posts mentioned above, and I also bought Cladhaire/James Whitehead II & Matthew "Ace" Orlando's book "World of Warcraft Programming." It is a bit dated, since it was written for version 2.3 of the game, but all the principles still apply.

    I understand Mssrs Whitehead and Orlando will be writing a second edition, but don't wait for it – it is a long way off.
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    You aren't going to believe how silly this sounds, (pun included) but I solved the riddle of the thunder. wav ... Look at line 115; I took out the "\\" before the word "Interface" and it works like a charm. *shakes head* ???

    Alright, for all the help, would you like a credit? I think you deserve one, but I am giving you the option.
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    posted a message on Bugs, and me with no Raid..
    Er, line 95 change as I suggested didn't do it.

    On a note about uploading this via TortoiseSVN, I tried to post the soundless, yet mostly working, addon. Errors...
    1. right-clicked my Addons folder and did svn checkout using svn://myrroddin@svn.curseforge.net/wow/biggs-death/mainline/trunk
    2. changed the "mainline" suggested folder to "MrBigglesworthDeath
    3. clicked OK
    4. new addon folder created, contents: a hidden folder called .svn
    5. copied updated files from working folder into MrBigglesworthDeath folder
    6. right clicked new items and selected "Add" via TortoiseSVN
    7. up a level, and selected "SVN commit" and typed "build 1.2" in recent messages
    8. Commit failed error
    Commit failed (details follow):
    'pre-commit' hook failed with error output:
    Please set the svn:eol-style property on the following files:
    If you don't know what the property does, set it to 'native'.

    Do I need to do SVN update for step 7 instead? I tried that, and did not get errors.
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    Alright, the irony of your true/false suggestion is that I find it more readable the other way, but I have seen many an addon do it your way, and while it makes me think for a moment, I too can decipher the if/then.

    As for the simplicity about "isMrBigglesWorth" yes, much cleaner. I take it that if a pet were to kill the cat, the COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED PARTY_KILL would still fire? Same goes for Critter Bites? I will have to test.

    No Ace, and I can't remember where I got that code from, as it is very Ace-centric.

    Questions: I see addons doing localization either in the main .lua file as you have it, or in a seperate file. I would think that if someone where to provide localized info for this addon, having a seperate \locales\Localization.enUS.lua would be preferable.

    If I were to go and create a seperate locale folder & file, would I change MrBigglesworthDeath.lua as follows:

    local L = MrBigglesworthDeathLocalization

    and the \locales\localization.enUS.lua
    MrBigglesworthDeathLocalization = {
    MBD_INSTRUCTIONS = "Slash commands are /mrbigglesworthdeath or /mbd followed by \"sound on\" or \"sound off\" or \"defaults\" without the quotes.",
    SOUNDON = "sound on", 
    SOUNDOFF = "sound off", 
    MBD_SOUNDON_MSSG = "Thunder sound on.", 
    MBD_SOUNDOFF_MSSG = "Thunder sound off.", 
    DEATH_MESSAGE = " %s killed %s, May he Rest In peace", 

    Or do I still need the GetLocale() in the second file?

    And just out of curiousity, what creature is mobid "1316" that you tested on?

    ** EDIT**
    http://pastey.net/111148 I found the slash instructions weren't working correctly; I fixed those. Also added the localization text, removed the ")" at the end that threw an error, then tested.

    No errors! Slash commands work! But still not playing the sound file. I checked the path and spelling (had to fix the extension) then I realized the problem is not near line 114. The variable is being saved correctly – I checked. I think it is in the slash handler function, with the local "opt" and there seems to be missing code to switch the settings. Am I correct?

    If so, then would the otherwise blank line 95 read:
    self.settings.sound = opt.sound
    or is it a bit more intensive than that?
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    posted a message on Bugs, and me with no Raid..
    Thank you very much, OrionShock. I take it by the XML you meant the OnLoad bit? Yeah, I needed to change that, as I didn't have any .xml file.

    While I understand what you did, other than coding style preference, I am not sure why you wrote the code this way. Also, I removed my locales folder, as hinted by your code, and put the translations directly into MrBigglesworthDeath.lua at the top. Furthermore, line 59 throws an error: attempt to index local 'self', (a string value). It looks like a string to me.

    Here is the .zip of my addon, with all the files, less my locale folder, which seems obsolete now.

    I really appreciate the help, and thank you greatly. I am trying to learn from my mistakes, bouncing back and forth between Cladhaire's book, the wiki, and looking at existing addons' code.
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    posted a message on Bugs, and me with no Raid..
    Gotcha. *shakes head* such a simple error. Anyway, I found others, fixed them, then found out the variable biggsName was reporting nil
    http://pastey.net/111017 yet line 49 defines biggsName as the mobid. I think this has something to do with line 94, but try as I might, I can't seem to nail the bug down.

    Also, when I checked the savedvariables file, it reads: MrBigglesworthDeathDB = nil
    so I must not be declaring the DB correctly. I tried the wiki, but that's how I got what I have.
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    posted a message on Bugs, and me with no Raid..
    I am bugfixing MrBigglesworthDeath () and adding features like slash commands. The lua code is http://pastey.net/111002 and the localization is http://pastey.net/111003 but I am getting errors that don't make sense to me.

    The current error is MrBigglesworthDeath.lua:55: Attempt to index global 'DeathFrame' (a nil value)

    I am sure there are other errors, and the possibility that the whole addon won't work if PARTY_KILL doesn't pick up party/raid pets or someone feeding Critter Bites to the cat.

    I am also concerned about making functions and variables local to the addon. Did I go far enough, too far?

    Is my localization correct, or even my slash commands and their handler?

    This is the first addon I've tried making wholesale by myself, rather than fixing someone else's work like I did with SmartRes, so if I sound like a noob, then I admit I'm a noob.
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    posted a message on event PARTY_KILL doesn't recognize pets?
    Sorry for jumping in here, and if I'm hijacking, again, sorry, but this seems relevent. If PARTY_KILL doesn't check for pets, then MrBigglesworthDeath will always be missing something.
    http://pastey.net/110990 is the code. If some Warlock/Hunter/DK pet kills MrBigglesworth, or if some player feeds the cat Critter Bites, will this addon still report who killed him?
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    posted a message on TortoiseSVN with CurseForge?
    Quote from Adirelle
    From here the repository type reads "none". I think you should edit it to be Subversion then take a look at http://kb.wowace.com/repositories/repository-faq/.

    I was looking for just that option, and finally found a tiny "Actions" pull down at the top right. Either I'm blind, my 24" screen is too big, or that is some really small text! :p Anyway, thank you.
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