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    Sorry if this has been asked but I have been unable to find it in the docs or on the forum.

    High > Low
    Low > High
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    Quote from Xinhuan
    Yes saltorio, the names are supposed to save with the profile.

    Sunhead... line numbers? Huh?

    I can see 7 mail items per page and only 50 are visible, so that makes 7 pages + 1 on the last page.
    With verbose mode turned on when I use checkboxs to open mail it reports which 'line' number it is opening.
    I would like to be able to see that line number in the mailbox interface or on the hover tip.
    You can have more than 50 items in your mailbox, but you can only see the most recent 50.

    Does that explain things? ???
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    Dont know if this has been fixed yet...
    but it is missing Earthliving imbue for Shaman and reporting me as not having Weapon Imbue/Temp Chant.
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    This is one of my must have mods.
    Thank-you for keeping it updated for 3.02.

    Line numbers on the mailbox, toggleable, or even just hover tips.
    I have too much mail going in and out for AH related reasons.
    I like to know when I am actually seeing the bottom of my mailbox at line 50.
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