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    Hi! First of all, Benumbed, your DaHUD is absolutely fantastic HUD. One of the better, really!
    Now, the question, the old one B-): It is real, to have an option to disable/enable Blizzard frames through config frame or commandline switch? Now, to do this, i need to edit dahud.lua. Editing method described here, in this discussion, in the message of someone, who names herself ?Lurr?:

    ---===Citation begin===---
    Here is a macro I use to hide the blizzard frames
    /script CastingBarFrame:UnregisterAllEvents()
    /script PetCastingBarFrame:UnregisterAllEvents()
    /script PlayerFrame:Hide()

    These lines can also be inserted into
    , but i prefer not to edit the code too much (since all changes will be deleted on the next update)

    To hide the target frame open DaHud.lua and insert

    Hope this helps until a real solution comes
    ---===Citation end===---

    But Blizzard target frame enables herself when mob attacks me first, or, if i attack mob first, after my first attack, ordinary or special, no difference.
    Thank you, Benumbed, and thank you all, people.
    Sorry about my english, it's not my default language.
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    posted a message on DaHud - Heads Up Display
    Fantastic work, very useful. Dut can i add an feature requests: option to disable/enable: 1) blizzard player frame; 2) blizzard target frame; 3) blizzard casting bar.
    Thank you for yours great work!

    PS.: Sorry about my english. It's not my native language.
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