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    Hi Nevcairiel,


    First of all thank you very much for your effort for maintaining all of your addons!


    I don't know if this is the right place for feature requests but I would like to ask for an aura indicator enhancement:


    I am currently using Pitbull and an additional module called Pitbull Aurabars. I really like the way how the auras especially buffs are shown as bars on the unitframes compared to squares or other icon-like indicators in other unitframe addons.
    Is there a possibility to enhance the aura indicator module for creating indicators to be shown as bars or change the colors for existing bars or so in a more flexible way like e.g. Grid2 does?

    Also adding the possibility for spell-icons and animations when buffs are applied or coloring unitframes when the players are affected by an aoe buff would be a huge improvement for the visibility especially in a raid or party environment for a healing class.


    The attached screenshot shows an example on my resto-druid: There is a bar aligned:top on the player unitframe which shows the duration of Rejuvenation.


    Thank you very much in advance.





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    I'm using the latest Beta of SmartRes2 and if I use the Auto-Res-Key to ressurect a groupmember there is only a chat message that everybody is alive and nothing happens. Am I missing something? There is no other error or something like that. I'm playing with the german client as a resto-druid or a holy paladin. The errorr happens on both chars.
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