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    posted a message on [Mod Request] Dungeon Decoration

    Ok so I got this idea for a mod while messing around with exploration based mods that randomly generate structures such as dungeons and ruins.  Sometimes these are a bit bland and I feel they could do with some random decoration to liven them up.


    What I am looking for is a mod that will allow blocks such as crafting tables, enchantment tables, bookshelves etc. to randomly spawn adjacent to any blocks generated in the world that would appear to have been built by intelligent hands (such as cobblestone, wooden planks etc. excluding blocks placed by players), specified in the config.


    Desirable config options I can think of are-


    List of blocks to generate + chance

    List of blocks to generate on

    Block positioning (floor, wall, ceiling)

    Min/max spawn height

    Dimension/biome restriction

    Support for blocks from other mods


    Thanks for your consideration, and I hope something like this would be useful to others (assuming there isn't already a mod that can do this).

    Posted in: Minecraft
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