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    So I always wanted that Warcraft3 UI in a single addon that would just work but never could find anything. Usually outdated compilations and when I tried to make one myself it never felt right. So I found Warcrafty but it's 10 years old and has a lot of issues. I have literally 0 lua knowledge so if I fixed something it was either by accident or extensive googling.


    HOWEVER I still have some major issues that even google is not helping me to fix. Maybe someone will know better than me.

    I'm not looking for someone to just fix the thing for me (although it would be great) but well... I got stuck and just don't know how to proceed.


    Original addon page: https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/warcrafty

    My git: https://github.com/Skay100/WarcraftyReforged

    (I added myself to credits because it makes me feel like a hackerman)

    Here's a screenshot of how it looks currently: click


    What works:

    -Interface graphic displays correctly

    -Player/target portraits, resources, mana and hp bars, faction icon, name group leader icon are in correct places

    -Options window to change number of action bars and/or theme aswell as type of resource display (flat/%/both/none)

    -XP bar from Warcrafty (but it doesnt include rep/azerite)

    -Option to change tooltip location


    What doesn't work:

    -Action bar does not get changed

    -Micro bar does not get changed

    -Minimap gets displaced slightly from original position, location name gets bigger but it's not turning square and is not put in it's "proper" position

    -castbar gets put over player name but it's really wonky and texture is displaced

    -options "Relocate Default MiniMap/ActionBars on Startup" do nothing

    -Enable Warcrafty CastBars does nothing.


    What kind of works(?)

    -target 3d potrait always updates on NPCs but like 10% of the time on target players.


    Now onto my most problematic errors that I just can't figure out:

    58x Warcrafty\Warcrafty-0.1a.lua:1177: attempt to index local 'barIcon' (a nil value)
    Warcrafty\Warcrafty-0.1a.lua:1177: in function <Warcrafty\Warcrafty.lua:1165>
    84x Warcrafty\Warcrafty-0.1a.lua:1122: attempt to index global 'MiniMapBattlefieldFrame' (a nil value)
    Warcrafty\Warcrafty-0.1a.lua:1122: in function 'WarcraftySetMinimap'
    Warcrafty\Warcrafty-0.1a.lua:1045: in function 'WarcraftySetScale'
    Warcrafty\Warcrafty-0.1a.lua:377: in function 'WarcraftyOnEvent'
    [string "*:OnEvent"]:1: in function <[string "*:OnEvent"]:1>
    707x Warcrafty\Warcrafty-0.1a.lua:757: attempt to compare number with nil
    Warcrafty\Warcrafty-0.1a.lua:757: in function 'WarcraftyAuraUpdate'
    Warcrafty\Warcrafty-0.1a.lua:293: in function 'WarcraftyOnEvent'
    [string "*:OnEvent"]:1: in function <[string "*:OnEvent"]:1>
    [C]:: in function 'CameraOrSelectOrMoveStop'
    [string "CAMERAORSELECTORMOVE"]:4: in function <[string "CAMERAORSELECTORMOVE"]:1>
    181618x Warcrafty\Warcrafty-0.1a.lua:1608: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'showBar1' (a boolean value)
    Warcrafty\Warcrafty-0.1a.lua:1608: in function 'WarcraftyActionbarOnUpdate'
    Warcrafty\Warcrafty-0.1a.lua:201: in function 'WarcraftyOnUpdate'
    [string "*:OnUpdate"]:1: in function <[string "*:OnUpdate"]:1>
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