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    Quote from Fin »

    Could I request a "retell" command as well? Basically, after whispering someone you could do "/retell <nick>" and it would whisper the previous message to <nick>. This would be useful if you whispered the wrong person, or if you want to whisper the same message to multiple people. Actually, maybe you could even have "/retell <nick>,<nick>,<nick>"? Anyway, nice work, cheers!

    Isn't that basically what happens if you just scroll up to the last thing you sent and put "/t (corrected nick)" in front? :p If anything that sounds more like it'd be tell forwarding than re-telling.

    Another request for if/when you get the ones you currently have planned squared away -- you've got tell target already, so how about a target [the last person who sent you a] tell? It's more for convenience in buffing someone who whispered you than of any real use.
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    Quote from hikaru00 »

    will be nice if you add - return selected mails to the sender.


    I'd like to second this, for when you're not as busy -- there's a CTMail_Mod (return selected) on curse that does this, albeit buggily most of the time. The forward selected request in the curse comments sounds like it'd be useful, too.
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    ! I don't know how I missed this, but this was exactly what I was looking for when I asked for a ChatHistory port. The fact that this saves across sessions makes it even better.

    Between this and HeyFu all the whisper-management bases are covered :p
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    Ahh.. Finally, goodbye & good riddance Titan! Thank you :D

    edit: Spent the last couple of hours switching everything to Ace2 & FuBar (downloaded directly from svn.wowace.com/files).. I figured it wouldn't be too difficult to "fix", like putting a copy of the AceDebug-2.0 folder in the libs but apparently it's not that simple D:

    on load:
    Core.lua:4: AceAddon: AceOO-2.0: Library "AceDebug-2.0" does not exist.
    (it's weird, but the second error only shows up sometimes)
    Core.lua:4: Cannot find a library instance of Babble-Class-2.0.
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    This is basically what ChatHistory does, give or take a few features. I requested a port of it in the dedicated [FuBar] Plugins request thread.
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    I know this is probably trivial for some people, but it's the one mod I've been waiting for to switch over to FuBar. It displays the name of the last person to whisper you, with the dropdown list showing the other 9 before him and giving you the option to see their last whisper or send them a whisper.

    [announcer voice]
    More real-estate efficient than using a separate chat window for whispers and less memory-usage than having a mod (like ForgottenChat) to keep whispers organized, I present to you:

    Please D:
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    I've been looking for an Ace mod that does this for a while now too.. keep a very old version of this around for the colored-nicks & channel-shortening, ChatScroll for the colored timestamps, and use Satrina's ChatFrameExtender for everything else.
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