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    posted a message on Maintainer. I want to be one

    ...at least in order to commit one change.

    I see on the dedicated pages of some addons that some people are authors and some are maintainers. Example:



    I want to implement a simple fix to the addon that I use: AllPlayed. It is located here:



    The fix is available in comments about an issue but for the love of all that's holy I cannot find a button "Become a maintainer" anywhere. Even searching these forums doesn't help.


    So how can I become a maintainer and make one commit to the addon I like with the solution readily available?

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    posted a message on Prat 3.0 Chat Mod Framework

     Thanks for the fix, mate. It works.

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    posted a message on Prat 3.0 Chat Mod Framework

    AFAIK the ability to report bugs via tickets was disabled a long time ago.

    I could barely find this forum. If only Prat was moved to Curseforge or something for bug reports and development.

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    posted a message on Prat 3.0 Chat Mod Framework
    Quote from k0nker
    To fix the SetChange() error since SetChange() has been depreciated in 7.0.3, replace these lines.

    Thanks a lot for the fix. I think only that you need


    in OriginalButtons.lua Line 610
    The forum engine does not quote your message properly, k0nker! Those, who want the fix, go here.
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    posted a message on Prat 3.0 Chat Mod Framework
    There is something that causes an error with the Original Buttons part of the addon.

    I am sorry but I cannot post a ticket about it because when I go to Tickets I face an error:
    You don't have the permission to access the requested resource. It is either read-protected or not readable by the server.

    Date: 2016-07-21 13:38:48
    ID: 6
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 2
    Message: ...nterface\AddOns\Prat-3.0\modules\OriginalButtons.lua line 603:
       attempt to call method 'SetChange' (a nil value)
       [C]: SetChange()
       ...nterface\AddOns\Prat-3.0\modules\OriginalButtons.lua:603: ChatFrame_OnUpdate()
       (tail call): ?
       [C]: ChatFrame_OnUpdate()
       [string "*:OnUpdate"]:1:
          [string "*:OnUpdate"]:1
      InspectFix, v4.5.1
      Swatter, v5.21e.5566 (SanctimoniousSwamprat)
      WowheadLooter, v60014
      ACP, v3.4.27 
      AllPlayed, v60200-3 $Revision: 315 $
      AraBrokerGuildFriends, vr75
      AraBrokerReputations, vr18
      Archy, v7.0.3.4
      ArkAutoLootBoP, v11600
      ArkInventory, v30613
      ArkInventoryRules, v10003
      Auctionator, v4.0.4
      Auditor2, v5.0.4
      AzCastBar, v15.02.16
      BadBoy, v13.021
      Bartender4, v4.7.1
      BrokerAuditor, v5.0.4
      BrokerCPU, v50001
      BrokerDurabilityInfo, v1.24
      BrokerMail, v1.0
      BrokerProfessionsMenu, v7.0.3.0
      BrokerRecountFu, v1.20
      BrokeruClock, v3.3.6
      BrokerXPBar, v2.0 r053
      CallbackHandler10, v
      ChocolateBar, vv2.4.6
      ClassicQuestLog, v1.2.2
      DamnAchievementSpam, v
      DBMCore, v
      DBMDefaultSkin, v
      DBMGarrisonInvasions, v
      DBMLDB, v
      DBMStatusBarTimers, v
      DebugLib, v5.1.DEV.130(/embedded)
      DragEmAll, v1.0.6
      ElkBuffBars, v2.5.0-188
      ErrorMonster, v
      GatherMate2, v1.36.1
      Glamour, v1.4.4
      HandyNotes, vv1.4.7
      HandyNotesDraenorTreasures, v1.19a
      HandyNotesLostAndFound, v1
      LibExtraTip, v5.12.DEV.390(/embedded)
      LibSharedMedia30, v3.0-93
      LibStub, v
      Mapster, v1.7.0
      MasterPlanA, vA
      Mendeleev, v3.0
      MogIt, v3.5.11
      MogItAccessories, v
      Notes, v1.3.18
      Omen, v3.1.11
      OmniCC, v7.0.1
      OPie, vTomato 9
      Overachiever, v0.84
      Paste, v1.4.7
      PetTracker, v7.0.0
      PetTrackerBreeds, v
      PetTrackerConfig, v
      PetTrackerJournal, v
      PetTrackerSwitcher, v
      PetTrackerUpgrades, v
      PitBull4, vv4.0.2
      PitBull4Aura, vv4.0.2
      PitBull4Background, vv4.0.2
      PitBull4BattlePet, vv4.0.2
      PitBull4BlankSpace, vv4.0.2
      PitBull4Border, vv4.0.2
      PitBull4CombatIcon, vv4.0.2
      PitBull4ComboPoints, vv4.0.2
      PitBull4HealthBar, vv4.0.2
      PitBull4HideBlizzard, vv4.0.2
      PitBull4LeaderIcon, vv4.0.2
      PitBull4LuaTexts, vv4.0.2
      PitBull4MasterLooterIcon, vv4.0.2
      PitBull4PhaseIcon, vv4.0.2
      PitBull4PowerBar, vv4.0.2
      PitBull4PvPIcon, vv4.0.2
      PitBull4QuestIcon, vv4.0.2
      PitBull4RaidTargetIcon, vv4.0.2
      PitBull4ReadyCheckIcon, vv4.0.2
      PitBull4RestIcon, vv4.0.2
      PitBull4RoleIcon, vv4.0.2
      Postal, vv3.5.8
      Prat30, v3.6.14      
      Prat30Libraries, v
      ProfessionsVault, v7.2.0 beta 1
      Quartz, v3.3.0
      Rarity, v1.0
      RarityOptions, v
      Recount, vv7.0.3a release
      SavedInstances, v7.0.0 beta 3
      SexyMap, v2.4.29
      SilverDragon, vv3.2.3
      StatBlockZoneText, v
      Stubby, v5.8.4717 (CreepyKangaroo)
      teksLoot, v5.1.0.12
      tekticles, v6.0.0.18
      Tipsy, v$project-version$
      TomTom, vv70000-1.0.0
      TradeSkillMaster, vv3.4.10
      TradeSkillMasterAccounting, vv3.0.12
      TradeSkillMasterAuctionDB, vv3.1.10
      TradeSkillMasterAuctioning, vv3.0.9
      TradeSkillMasterCrafting, vv3.1.6
      TradeSkillMasterDestroying, vv3.1
      TradeSkillMasterMailing, vv3.0.9
      TradeSkillMasterShopping, vv3.3.3
      TradeSkillMasterWarehousing, vv3.0.2
      XLoot, v7.0-1
      XLootFrame, v7.0-1
      XLootGroup, v7.0-1
      XLootMaster, v7.0-1
      XLootMonitor, v7.0-1
      BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v7.0.3.70000 <none>
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    posted a message on MrTrader bugs, updates, rewards
    MrTrader is a great addon for those few WoW players, who like to craft things on a grand scale very much.

    I resumed playing a couple of days ago and it turns out the addon now throws up a lot of errors. A couple of errors every second, with the total number reaching into thousands.

    I am not a lua programmer. I earn my living as a translator. Can anyone fix the addon without diminishing its functionality because I can't even determine whether Auctionator is to blame or MrTrader for all these errors?
    Message: ...rface\AddOns\MrTrader_SkillWindow\MRTSkillWindow.lua:622: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)
    Time: 12/24/15 11:16:34
    Count: 1110
    Stack: Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\AtrErrorInspector.lua:107: in function <Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\AtrErrorInspector.lua:52>
    (tail call): ?
    [C]: in function `pairs'
    ...rface\AddOns\MrTrader_SkillWindow\MRTSkillWindow.lua:622: in function `SkillIsInFavorite'
    ...rface\AddOns\MrTrader_SkillWindow\MRTSkillWindow.lua:650: in function `ReadSkillList'
    ...rface\AddOns\MrTrader_SkillWindow\MRTSkillWindow.lua:793: in function `DrawSkillList'
    ...rface\AddOns\MrTrader_SkillWindow\MRTSkillWindow.lua:534: in function <...rface\AddOns\MrTrader_SkillWindow\MRTSkillWindow.lua:526>
    (tail call): ?
    [C]: ?
    [string "safecall Dispatcher[2]"]:9: in function <[string "safecall Dispatcher[2]"]:5>
    (tail call): ?
    ...ce\AddOns\Archy\Libs\AceBucket-3.0\AceBucket-3.0.lua:116: in function `func'
    ...\AddOns\AllPlayed\libs\AceTimer-3.0\AceTimer-3.0.lua:55: in function <...\AddOns\AllPlayed\libs\AceTimer-3.0\AceTimer-3.0.lua:48>
    Locals: <none>

    This is what happens without Auctionator. So MrTrader is really the one to blame.
      Message: ...rface\AddOns\MrTrader_SkillWindow\MRTSkillWindow.lua:622: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)
      Time: 12/24/15 11:42:41
      Count: 2156
      Stack: (tail call): ?
      [C]: in function `pairs'
      ...rface\AddOns\MrTrader_SkillWindow\MRTSkillWindow.lua:622: in function `SkillIsInFavorite'
      ...rface\AddOns\MrTrader_SkillWindow\MRTSkillWindow.lua:650: in function `ReadSkillList'
      ...rface\AddOns\MrTrader_SkillWindow\MRTSkillWindow.lua:793: in function `DrawSkillList'
      ...rface\AddOns\MrTrader_SkillWindow\MRTSkillWindow.lua:534: in function <...rface\AddOns\MrTrader_SkillWindow\MRTSkillWindow.lua:526>
      (tail call): ?
      [C]: ?
      [string "safecall Dispatcher[2]"]:9: in function <[string "safecall Dispatcher[2]"]:5>
      (tail call): ?
      ...ce\AddOns\Archy\Libs\AceBucket-3.0\AceBucket-3.0.lua:116: in function `func'
      ...\AddOns\AllPlayed\libs\AceTimer-3.0\AceTimer-3.0.lua:55: in function <...\AddOns\AllPlayed\libs\AceTimer-3.0\AceTimer-3.0.lua:48>
      Locals: <none>

    I don't want to possibly waste time of people, who might be busy in real life, this is why I offer in-game rewards as a token of my appreciation: enough gold on the EU side of World of Warcraft to buy either a mount (http://www.wowhead.com/item=128671/minion-of-grumpus) or a WoW token on my realm. Both types of rewards are now account-wide. So if you don't have a character on my realm, you can easily create one and get the reward.

    Please, tell me if it is a bad idea.
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    posted a message on BadBoy: An extremely minimal spam blocker & reporter
    False positives:
    LFG TOC25 ICC 10!!!!
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    posted a message on Postal (was GMail2): Updated
    An interesting issue.
    Two bank toons in the same bank guild. Same WoW and Bnet account. Both use Postal and QuickAuctions. The other addons are the same. The two toons use the same profiles for Postal and QuickAuctions. The first one was able to loot all 50 mails within 20 seconds. It took the second one about 40 seconds to loot 50 mails. The looting speed setting was set at 0.3 seconds.
    The time is so precise because QuickAuctions displays a countdown timer in the mailbox.
    The first toon was located in Exodar. The second one was initially stationed in Darnassus. But after I moved it to Exodar the looting speed has improved and now matches that of the first toon. Amazing :)

    PS: I was able to regulate the looting speed for the second bugged toon from 5 seconds to like 1.5-2 seconds. It couldn't get faster. So Postal must be working. There must be something else that can affect the looting speed. New TBC servers perhaps?
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    posted a message on PeriodicTable-3.1
    I am adding items. I don't know how to operate the miner. I just like seeing where a piece of gear is from. I am satisfied with the results. I will not even distribute the files I fix if it is a problem.
    I just don't know how to separate drops by raid difficulty properly
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    posted a message on PeriodicTable-3.1
    I am now editing LibPeriodicTable addon which is used by Mendeleev. I've added ICC5, TOC5 drops and items purchasable with frost badges link because I like seeing where the gear that people I inspect comes from.
    I can't figure out the right way to add drops from TOC10 and TOC25. Any ideas?

    Are Tier9 sets and Tier10 sets part of the addon yet?

    What is the general idea behind this addon? Am I meddling with things better left alone by a common WoW player?
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    posted a message on PitBull: Time until PvP Expires Flag
    Quote from Tsevion
    And I added this to DogTag:AddTimerHandler:
        if IsPVPTimerRunning() then
            DogTag:FireEvent("PVPRemaining", 'player')

    Could you, please, explain this part more thoroughly if it's not too much trouble?
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    posted a message on Chatter- Ace3 chat mod (was Chatterbox)
    Quote from Xinhuan
    This actually seems to be a default UI issue.

    Thanks for the tip. A quick googling has proved that disappearing tabs are an issue caused by the Blizzard UI.
    I double-checked with absolutely no add-ons turned on. It still happens in the bare-bones game. The only way around it is to log in, then turn on "Lock Chat Settings". Make sure your tabs are where you want them beforehand. After you lock it, don't reload the UI. When the UI is loaded with that option on, the tabs will hide and won't be able to be moved or selected. I guess just unlock them, reload UI, then relock them every time you log on, at least until they fix this/if the fix this.
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    posted a message on FuBar 3.0
    Quote from saltorio
    Every once in a while, I log into WoW and my FuBar has forgotten a few of my addons. It's always the same addons:

    • Baggins
    • bEQL
    • Omen

    I can go into FuBar, and they show up on the list, they're simply not checked. If I check them, they work fine, and get added to the bar appropriately. It's just odd that they disappear in the first place.

    Any ideas as to what may be causing this?

    I've been having this problem since ages ago. Many people say Fubar works fine in this regard. I am even inclined to think it has something to do with my WoW EU client.

    Anyway the best advice given in this thread goes like this:
    1. Start Fubar configuration from scratch. Delete any Fubar* files in the SavedVariables folder.
    2. After logging in choose a new profile for your char. One profile for one char. Some people say the results are best that way.
    3. Organise your addons the way you like.
    4. it hasn't been mentioned before imo. Still some addons won't stay in place after you log in next time. It can be fixed by choosing the Default profile and then the new per-char profile. DON'T DO THIS! According to some reports the Default profile is kind of corrupt and switching back to it and from will do more harm than good.
    Instead: place the missing addons the way you like once more. Log out.

    Since yesterday my addons have been staying in place. Thanks god:-)
    I use: FuBar, FuBar_AuditorFu, FuBar_ClockFu, FuBar_DuraTek, FuBar_ExperienceFu, FuBar_FactionsFu, FuBar_MagicMarker, FuBar_MailFu, FuBar_MCPFu, FuBar_OutfitterFu, FuBar_PerformanceFu, FuBar_RecountFu, FuBar_SkillsPlusFu
    All are updated from wowace. Manually ;)
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    posted a message on Chatter- Ace3 chat mod (was Chatterbox)
    It is a very well-designed mod, which gives me a lot of pleasure and I would like to congratulate the author on the idea and its implementation.

    However, there are a couple of minor bugs. I cannot right-click on player names in chat (Channel Names module is enabled because I need it enabled) and whenever someone I haven't talked to before whispers me my chat tabs become invisible except for the chat tab I am using at the moment and a couple of some other randomly picked tabs. Thankfully I can scroll through tabs with Ctrl+mousewheel.
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