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    Interested in requesting a small mod? Use this template:


    Minecraft version: 

    Title of mod (or just a shortened description): 

    Detailed description of mod: 

    Preferred number of days: 


    Example request:

    Minecraft version: 1.7.10
    Title of mod (or just a shortened description): Emerald Tools

    Detailed description of mod:
    • Make emerald tools that have the same durability as diamond
    • They can even break bedrock
    Preferred number of days: 5 days

    About Me

    I'm a 19-year-old student in my second year of college studying Computer Science. I learned some basic Java programming in the 7th grade and from there my experience has grown to include various programming languages—such as C++ and JavaScript—along with tools commonly used in the software development world, including Git, GitHub, Eclipse, IntelliJ, and more. Currently I'm quite busy with school, but in my free time I enjoy writing code, so please, give me some fun requests to make!

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