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    posted a message on customisable dragons

    when you get the dragon egg for the first time, can put it in a machene that alows the merging of a matereal with the egg and giving you a new egg that once hatched, created a agresive mob for the first egg, but all next eggs from that mob creates a pasive and tamable dragon. already moded eggs can also be put in the machene to be further moded


    color mods: all dyes plus lapis

    glow mods: glowstone

    strength mod: minirals (iron, diamond, titanium,....) gives strength boost according to the equivalent wepon matereal

    durabilaty mod: same as strength, but does full armor durabilaty



    in the menu of the machene, the sides of the egg are for dragon apearence, on top is for strength, botom is for defence, multiple placement markers for each sides


    ex: ading glowstone, lapis and a block of wood would make a blue glowing dragon with a X2 strength to the ender dragon and a X2 defence


    ex: adding redstone, red dye, iron ingot would make a red colored glowing dragon(derg glows red and is red), x4 strength and x4 defence


    ex: glowstone lapis placed under the glowstone and green dye on oposite side of egg makes a green dragon that creates a blue glow


    ex: activated draconium ingot makes the most powerfull derg with the most defence


    ps, just posting a request for the blue glow, blue dragon with iron ingot strength and activated draconium ingot defence to be looking like https://saphira002.deviantart.com/art/saphira2-refs-586197684

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