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    - I just started to have a issue with SUF. In bosses with more than one target (Stone Guard, Will of Emperor, Council of Elders), the frame rate drops to 1.
    - Same thing happens in Horridon, for example, when Lord Jalak joins the fight or in Twin Consorts when both girls are in arena.
    - Bosses with just one target it's fine, however, there is a small "freeze" when I put my target on the main boss.

    If I disable SUF (even in mid-fight), the frame rate come back to 60.
    The only lua error that I got talk something about "script ran too long Time", but I didn't save it and doesn't happen all the time.

    News: I turned on SUF but with BOSS module DISABLED and tested again in Will of Emperor. Everything was fine. So, the problem is with this module, I suppose.
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