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    Apologies, I'm not an author. I'm a user. I just had an rather annoying experience. I checked my add ons for WoW Classic in the curse forge client and found an add on that I have never installed.


    CHS Addon Pack


    I thought to myself, I have never installed this knowingly, I must have installed it by mistake. I didn't think twice and uninstalled the CHS Addon Pack.


    To my surprise when I logged back into the game half of my interface was gone because... when uninstalling CHS Addon Pack several add-ons were uninstalled.


    I reinstalled and reconfigured the missing add-ons and suddently CHS Addon Pack appeared again.

    Turns out this is an addon pack created by a guild or raid for its members. Well, problem is when you have the same add ons installed the pack is getting detected as installed too.


    It includes popular add-ons so I can't be the only player that made the mistake.... 


    And with all due respect, I don't think packing a couple popular add-ons for a single guild or raid that is not their own creation should be allowed.


    Thank you.

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