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    They can take t6hier Advertising and shove it i came to this site for addons and advice when i had problems not product placement adds damnit

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    Quote from Elkano
    I think as long as I'll be playing I'll try to somehow keep EBB running, even if it's just for me :) Sorry for not having an update ready on patch day but guild relocation, Minecraft, HoN and my general laziness have eaten most of my time :/

    Elkano if they cant wait a few days while you get your Own house of addons i order then heck with them. I have been a Long time user of this addon and I for one appreciate the amount of work it will take to get it sorted out while at the same time your busy making sure all your own addons and UI features work to your satisfaction i eagerly look forward to the update when it is ready.

    Thank you from a long ago coder on Everquest 1 Ui mods.
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