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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    Quote from tamraine »

    Hello, I ran my Wowaceupdater, and got greeted by a worthless, screen wasting piece of trash upon logging in instead of Autobar:

    That's kind of harsh don't ya think? I mean.. yes, I posted a few issues, but i surely didn't flame it. Think about the work they put into these mods. Have you made a mod? Would you like your work flamed? Come on man.

    Quote from Toadkiller »

    Yes there is an issue with updating the buttons right now. I will fix it for the next patch. This will also fix the horrible memory leak esp while changing settings.

    Thanks much. Like I said.. I love the way you are taking that, but it was a bit of an issue in my raids. LoL I did go grab the old version for my laptop to raid on.
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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    Ok, just updated my mods via WAU (WoW Ace Updater) and I got this new version of Autobar. Now, I'm with that I'm kind of torn on if I like it or not.

    I've been using autoBar since pretty near it's creation date. It's been a godsend. I want to give out many props for al lyour work as I've never posted before. Great work.

    Now, this new version, I can see it's heading in a great direction. I love what yo uare doing with it. The problem I have with it is this. It's not quite stable yet. That in turn affects me in raids and what not. (yes, I'm kind of dependent on autobar. LoL

    Some of the issues I've noticed thus far are, sometimes it doesnt' update items on the list properly. For example. I used my last healing potion, the button disappeared as it should, the mana potion scooted over to where the heal potion was (everything else scooted over as well). Problem is, when I went to use my mana potion, it was still trying to use the heal potion. The place where my mana potion was is now where my water was, but like the new placement of the mana potion, it was still reading what used to be there. (the mana potion)

    I hope i explained that correctly... LoL, because reading over it, I almost confuse myself. Another issue I've noticed is the docking. It won't dock to my Bartender bars like it used to. I've also noticed that the padding option has an issue. it's set to 1, but all the buttons aren't really side by side. I went and changed the padding to -20, yet the spacing between the buttons hadn't changed at all.

    Once again, I love the direction you are taking this, but, the whole reason I am posting this, is I wanted to know if you could post the last update of your previous version somewhere. I've always used WAU for updating, so have no real zip/rar of the old version. I run two machines so I will continue to fiddle and test the new version, but when it comes to raiding, i'd love to be able to use the old version on my other machine. Any chance of this?
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