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    posted a message on oRA2
    update update update a release edition update would be so nice.

    ok request, see zero-releaser, incorporate this function in the ora2 for leaders, assists

    it's much easier to get ora2 on all raiders than to get a list of mods loaded so it's nice to have as much function in ora2 as possible.
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    posted a message on sRaidFrames: Alternative CTRA raid frames
    These may be repeat requests, but I haven't looked through all the posts.

    1: sticky frames that layout by snaping either to the one on left of it, or below it. this would dynamically reposition the frames as people come and go from the raid.

    -refer to bongos which does this in it's action bar replacements.

    2: bug. premade layouts don't work, not sure why, i think it has to do with scale, but whenever i switch to horizontal, or vertical everthing ends up off page.

    -perhaps set up a top right anchor, and then set the layout based on the anchor. (maybe to be combined with the "sticky" layout ability from above, ie. move the anchor and move everthing)

    3: auto hide player frame in raid option. implement target and focus as two slightly larger (seperate sizing) sticky anchoring boxes

    x: if you look at xpearl frames (which i hate) but they still have a box you draw on the screen and that box represents the area the raid frames can use. this may also spur some ideas of a way to make "layouts" better.

    all that said, know this, I love sRaidFrames, and would only cry out for these improvements because it would make the addon the best UF for raiding I know of

    Mordraith, Horde of Greymane
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    posted a message on Omen Versions
    can we turn off the "out of date" warning.

    it anoys my raiders when they don't update daily and i do.

    maybe an extra option.
    maybe it will "even if off" notify if the version is more than 14 days old.

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    posted a message on Omen - Bug Reports and Suggestions
    feature request: "out of date notification" have this turned off with the "show version number option" have it turn itself on if the version number changes by more than a certain amount.

    say about two weeks worth of changes before it screams.
    my raiders find the yelling very anoying. especially when i tend to update daily
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