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    I posted a thread about an idea for a savestates mod for minecraft, and it got automatically marked as spam. I'm really not sure why, as there was absolutely nothing spam-ey about it. Does anyone know why this happened, and can the mods/admins unflag it?

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    I just had this idea out of the blue, so it's probably not extremely well formulated, but here it is:


    A mod that adds save-states to the game (basically special world backup files). You'd create one with a save-block(with the option to overwrite), probably craftable, and access them with a load-block. Perhaps in config there might also be an option to force savestate loading on death. Also as a config, save blocks get destroyed on use.

    I also got the idea of persistent and inconsistent objects/items: Persistent items and blocks are found in every savestate, regardless of whether you had them before, and inconsistent items/blocks are not stored by a save block, being replaced with air by default (configurable). What items are persistent or inconsistent would be a config thing.

    This would be useful for hardcore packs, instead of deleting your world entirely it teleports you back to your last save, taking some progress away from you. Also for a potential new genre of modpacks based on hopping between multiple save-states.

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