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    Mod Request - A way to expand on the quest mod so it feels more RPG like. Is it possible?

    - Customizable zones that appear whenever you take on a quest.
    - Different win conditions include specific block placement or items or mobs.

    - more complicated win conditions like items that has to transform into a different item (botania, thaumcraft).

    - Adding challenges such as: adding a countdown timer to the zone, adding a "lose" condition like if you didn't craft a recipe on time.



    Here are some scenarios


    A) NPC villager has a bunch of machines and wants to power it up. You decide to take on that quest. She gives you money to buy materials from a marketplace area as well as are given mining rights in her area. The way this would work is that there would be a designated chunk area next to the machine. Your job is to create energy system and connect it. There would be an opening in her roof. This is an optional opportunity to make solar panels. You will win the quest if you make a simple energy gathering system but you get bonus points if you make solar panel as she is an energy conservationist.


    B) You've taken a job from Torbjorn, the Overwatch Chief Engineer. He wants a factory.When you accept the quest, you will see a big giant factory with 7 different advanced Immersive Engineering builds set side by side. You are given 2 hours IRL to complete this project. If you win, Torbjorn will unlock end tier machines and weapons and armor. If you loose, Torb pours expensive hot expensive metal which you can bucket.

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