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    I have the group rolls in the top right of my screen.  The items go off the screen.  Can we get an option to change the direction the buttons are formed in addition to up and down?

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    After downloading the "Elitest Group" mod something made me try and right click the icon for zomgbuffs again.

    And I am able to do it.
    Now I don't know if that is the cure or not.

    What should I do to help find out what I did to make it work again?
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    posted a message on Problem with Glyph Page and Addons
    Quote from Phanx
    1. Disable all of your addons.
    2. Log in.
    3. If the problem doesn't occur, log out and enable half of your addons. Log in.
    4. If the problem doesn't occur, log out and disable the addons you'd enabled, and enable the other half. Log in.
    5. Once you've identified that half of the addons causing your problem, disable half of those at a time until the problem goes away.
    6. Keep working your way down until disabling just one addon makes the problem go away. That's the addon causing the problem.

    If you read the OP second post you will see that this cure you have posted does not work.

    I too have the same problem.
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    I'm having problems with this mod and the Naxx raid. It works anywhere out side the instance. But when I enter that instance, Zomgbuffs will not work. I uninstalled and reinstalled and now im not getting errors. It just does not work. I have a bunch of other mods but I just enabled Zomgbuffs and it still does not work.

    Is anyone else getting this problem?
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