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    posted a message on nameplate threat glow or border, for default blizzard

    for those that love the default small blizzard nameplate, it lacks the ability to indicate threat, and the vast majority of the addons available only changes the color of the whole plate depending on the threat.


    I was looking for an addon that only shows a glow when threat is high, in other words, the color or looks of the default nameplate doesn't change at all, but when you don't have aggro they will remain the same, but if low-threat on a target, that nameplate target glows in the background of it "yellow" and if high threat then the glow changes to "red" just like the player frame, but I want to implement this into the nameplates, is there any addon available that does this for the default blizzard? I know other nameplate addons do this but they change the whole look which I'm not into.



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